Rhode Island

By: Sarah Hallett and Hunter Cates

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  • It was founded by those who wished to escape the religious intolerance found in many of the other colonies. (*Cough Cough* Massachusetts)
  • Roger Williams & Anne Hutchinson (Colony's Leader/Founder): were religious exiles from MA.

Economic Base

  • timber
  • fishing
  • whaling
  • maple syrup
  • ship manufacturing
  • rum manufacturing & export
  • fur
Port Colony
Minimal farming

Open Religion

  • There founders were religious exiles, so they were very tolerant of all religions.
  • The had the first Jewish synagogue and first Baptist church in the new world.

Why Rhode Island?

  • The colony was founded primarily upon the values of tolerance and acceptance.
  • There motto was "Hope".

Government in Rhode Island

  • Rhode Island Royal Charter of 1663: Documents English recognition within the colony. Outlined broad freedoms for inhabitants of the colony, and provided rudimentary outline for government.
  • King Charles was pleased to see a colony that offered religious freedom.
  • First colony to secede from Britain.

Fun Facts!!!

  • Originally named Red Island for its red clay, but after British rule it became known as Rhode Island.
  • The prohibited the import of slaves in 1652, but wasn't enforced until 1774. Ironically because it had been a major port for slave trade.
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