National Parks Protection Agency

Teddy Sommers

What is the NPPA?

This program is solely based on preserving and protecting America's beautiful national parks. The NPPA is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and raising funds for all our national parks. Through educating the public and raising money for conservation efforts, the NPPA keeps the environment and animals that depend on it safe and sound from human interference and natural disasters. The environment and scenery should be enjoyed by all, and the protection agency makes sure the parks remain the same stunning state for generations to follow. We have rangers stationed at every national park across the country, ensuring visitors the views they expect and protecting the wildlife at the same time. The NPPA is a program for the people and the environment, and with your help we can continue preserving our great nation for decades to come.

Our Goal

The NPPA, founded by Rick Walker, is devoted to preserving the national parks of the United States. Our mission is to raise awareness for possible growing issues and teach ways to protect these parks to all citizens, as well as serving as a fundraiser that takes generous donations and puts them to good use caring for these environments. The government has sanctioned these areas for public enjoyment and animal habitat protection, and it is our job to make sure they stay that way.

About Our Founder

The man behind this all is Rick Walker. Originally from San Jose, California. He didn't have a particularly enjoyable childhood, having to go from group home to group home after his parents abandoned him and his grandmother died. And unlike today, he didn't have a good attitude as a teen, mostly pessimistic. Early on, Rick's life was "nothing but an endless succession of dead ends,"(Hobbs 41). In other words, he could never get on a path to success without being stopped and forced to start over, leading him to having a negative outlook on the world. Through many life lessons and guidance from his mentor, Lon Peregrino, he found inspiration in Canyonlands National Park, and discovered a path that led him to found this program.

The Inspiration

Rick Walker had a rough childhood and bad attitude about life. He described himself as being "'like a rat in a maze'"(Hobbs 225). He couldn't get anything good to last and always ended up back at the bottom. Until he found an actual maze, located in the Canyonlands National Park in Utah. It was there that he was inspired to start this foundation for protecting and maintaining the beauty of all our national parks. The Maze district is known for its confusing layout, so when Rick Walker found himself stuck in there he regarded it as just another dead end. But Rick found himself out of that maze, and in turn was able to change his life for the better. Rick found out who he really was in the maze, and decided to give back to the land by establishing this foundation.

The Inspiration (cont.)

In the maze, Rick's life changed forever. He found himself, who he wanted to be, and it is the reason he is the man he is today. Influenced by The Condor Project, an organization partnered with the NPPA that protects and releases condors back into their natural habitat, Rick discovered to let go of his past and you "can't move on until you do,"(Hobbs 228). He had a bad start to life, but inside Canyonlands he learned he could still turn his ship around. For this, Rick was in debt to the environment, to the place where everything changed. He founded this organization for Canyonlands specifically, and broadened the spectrum to include all the nations sanctioned parks.

The Inspiration (cont.)

While in the maze, Rick came in contact with North America's largest land bird, the California Condor. Critically endangered, the condor were under supervision of the Condor Project and Lon Peregrino. Lon became a mentor to Rick, lending advice and teaching Rick how to fly with the birds on a hang glider. Regarding Lon and the influence he and the Condor Project had on him, Rick says "'I was only trying to survive, and I kept running into dead ends. But I don't feel like that anymore, thanks to this man,'"(Hobbs 225). Rick Walker was able to find the right path with Lon's help, and he is forever grateful. Lon, the Canyonlands National Park, and the condors all inspired Rick to change his attitude, move on from the past, and establish this organization to protect the land he loves.

The Roots

The NPPA foundation was started for a few simple reasons. To preserve America's beautiful environment for everyone to enjoy and protect the animals and plants therein. At the root, the NPPA was established for Canyonlands National Park specifically, because of our founder's connection to the park. Canyonlands is also home to many species of animals, including the endangered California Condor. These reasons combined to form the CNPPA, Canyonlands National Park Protection Agency, which later expanded to the NPPA you know today. After starting off in Canyonlands, the foundation now encompasses all of America's national parks.

We Need You!

The NPPA is a non-profit organization, meaning all our donations go directly to preserving the national parks. In other words, we need your donation to keep this wonderful program up and running. Other than donating to the NPPA, simple ways you can make a difference is by spreading the word to your friends and family. Let everybody know about our cause and encourage them to donate as well. You can help protect our country's diverse environments by calling 555-555-5555 to donate and learn more. With your help, we can continue to preserve our national parks, for visitors to enjoy and the wildlife safe. Every dollar counts towards paying for new safety equipment, funding an educational school visit, and more that all benefits our national parks. Together, we can protect, preserve, and enjoy our great country for years to come!