Journey Through Space

Take journey into space, and see what not many else have!


If you choose to go on this amazing trip around the universe, our first stop will be in the spiral galaxy, the stellar nebula. The stellar nebula is the part of space where stars are born. The next spot is the massive main sequence star and average main sequence star. A massive main sequence star is a large star in the top part of the main sequence. An average main sequence star is a smaller stars in the middle part of the main sequence.


Our fourth and fifth stop is the red giant and red super giant. Both have low in luminosity. The red giant is at the edge of there evolution. The red super giant is known as the largest star. The next stop is the planetary nebula, which is ring shaped nebula that is made by dust and gas around an aging star. This relates to the supernova. A supernova is an explosion between two stars and there outer layers into space. Next to the supernova is the white dwarf. A white dwarf is a small very dense star that. There are also the globular clusters, that has less stars that are older. Open clusters, that are made up of young, and hot stars. One of the popular places we go is the neutron star. To see the rest of our trip we have to go through the a different galaxy, the elliptical galaxy. The quasar is thought to have come from a black hole, but others believe it's the total opposite. Our last stop will be into a BLACK HOLE! You will be able to see what know one else has on this trip around the universe and then into a black hole!