By. Keegan Sloan

Change is constant

the world is constantly changing, and so are we. The key to living a successful and happy life in a changing world is resilience and adaptability. bad and good changes in life can always provide new opportunities. like if your house burns down you get to buy a bunch of new stuff for your house
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learning is lifelong

because the world is constantly changing we will be constantly learning too, opportunities to learn are always around us. you will never stop learning
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Focus on the Journey

Don't live your life focused on what you want in the end because you will miss opportunities you have on the way there.
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follow your heart

know who you are, always believe in yourself, and follow your heart. you know what you want you just have to follow your heart
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Access your allies

friends, family, teachers, neighbors can all be helpful in life leading you in the right path. friends are an important part in a persons life they help relieve stress
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