Lord of The Flies

By; William Golding

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Lord of The Flies

Lord of the flies was a great book about the way our society works and the nature of human beings. At the beginning of the book the boys who survived the crash tried to create their own society and work together to survive. But as the book moved on, the eerie feeling of desperation and fear over took most of the boys. Sending them back to the barbaric times, trying to stay alive. Creating separate tribes, feuding with one another, and trying desperately to be rescued is their life now. The island was dangerous before, and now with the boys, it's a hundred times worse.


I would highly recommend reading this book because it requires the reader to think about what the author is trying to portray through the actions and words of the characters. This book may be an easy read about boys being stuck on an island and eventually get rescued, but it is much more. This book portrays the true nature of humans and what we would become without the rules and conformity of society today. The book is full of dark humor and desperation around every corner, with multiple character deaths including one of my personal favorites. This book should be read by everyone at one point in their lifetime, because it puts into perspective how gruesome the human race can be.