The Lost Boy

David Pelzer

David Tried His Best To Live

In Dallas City California the 1970's a boy named David Pelzer had a horrific life getting beatings, named callings, and no love everyday day of his life. At home he lives with his mom, dad, and two brothers who get everything they want because their mom loves them more than him. The settings throughout the hole story are the police station, the pizza shop, the river, and home.


A Rough Time

David went through it, but it made him sad, depressed because he wasn't loved, angry because he wants revenge on his mom, and most of all he is hurt because his mom is non stop beating him to death. His mom made him sleep on an army cot in the basement with no blanket. David was desperately wanting a nice place to sleep like his brothers, because they both had beds. He only had in all a total of maybe 5 pieces of clothing to wear, and they barley ever got washed.

The Run Away

The reason why the mom treated David like she did is because she thought that she should have one child of her own that is bad. One time his mom gave him a choice to either leave or stay. David thought that if I stay I will have to keep living in a nightmare but if I go I can escape the nightmare and be free to eat what ever I want, do what ever I want, and say what ever I want with getting a beating, or mother making me eat something that should not be in my mouth. Then when he got half way up the road he thought to himself that he loves his mom and he wouldn't want to loose her, but only because she has put him in a trap that will make him think that his mom cares about him. Then he thought what the heck, just keep going and don't turn around to go back into the dungeon.

His Life Now

David's life was a horrible mess in the beginning, but now has kids of his own and gets the respect he should have.

Vocabulary Words And Definitions

Desperately- When you really want or need something

Beating- Hardly hitting or touching someone In a harmful way.

Army Cot- A small piece of mattress

Nightmare- A dream you don't want to have

Horrific- Bad or terrible