Bastard Out of Carolina

By: Dorothy Allison

Plot Line

Exposition: The book begins with Mama telling her daughter to never let her catch her stealing. This is the exposition because it leads the reader into the book and what might happen.

Rising Action: The rising action in this book is when the Mom catches her daughter stealing.This event leads up to the climax and sets up the rest of the story.

Climax: The climax of this book is when the mom makes the daughter who stole return the candy and pay back the store manager. This is the climax because it is the most exiting and most important moment in the book and what everything leads up to.

Falling Action: The falling action is when the girl is having mood changes toward the store manager like wanting to hurt him. This is the falling action because the main event has already happend and now the story is cooling off and leading to a resolution.

Resolution: The resolution to this story is the girl who stole cannot return to the store again for any reason. This is the resolution because the story has now been resolved and the story is over.


I think the theme of this story is to not do something that you may regret later. I think this it the theme of the story because it stresses the sadness and how worried the girl was when she had to go back and face the store manager.


The main conflict in this story is internal conflict. This occurs when the girl is thinking about what it will be like to go back and face the store manager and how scared she was to return the candy. This conflict teaches us a valuable lesson which was the theme of the story.

Foreshadowing was a big part of this story. In the first paragraph the mother is telling her daughter never to let her catch her stealing which sets the mood for the rest of the story about having to face the store manager and return what she stole and payback the store.

Why should you read this story?

This story is not only written in a fun and interesting way but it teaches many valuable lessons. I think the most important lesson is never do anything you may regret later on in life. This is shown in numerous ways throughout the story but the largest example is when the author shows us how scared and sad the girl is about returning what she stole. This book makes me think about decisions I have made in my life and how they could have turned out differently.