The Working and Governing Governor

Gwen: Leading Cebu to Where and What It Is Now

Fulfilling a Promise: What has Gwen done?

Throughout Governor Gwendolyn Pilar Fiel Garcia's eight-and-a-half years in office, the Province of Cebu has seen unparalleled economic growth second to no other province in the Philippines.

Cebu's first woman governor steered the province with financial probity, accomplishing all aspects of the 12-point agenda she set out during her first term as Governor.

Gwen's 12-Point Agenda: Establishing Social and Economic Policies


  • Bridges: Gwen Garcia promised to convert 50 bridges into concrete bridges. Gwen Garcia's administration delivered 80.
  • 2004: Promised 400 Kilometres of paved provincial roads.
  • 2012: Delivered 800 Kilometres.
  • Upgraded Airport Facilities in the islands of Santa Fe, Bantayan, and San Francisco, Camotes.


  • 60 waterworks systems: Built, Modernized, and Revamped.
  • Every Barangay of the Province now have Level III water systems, the highest level of service provision in Philippine water supply and sanitation.
  • Concluded Joint Investment Agreement with Manila Water for the construction, management and operation of a bulk water system in the Province of Cebu.


  • Energizing Sitios and Barangays ensuring power to more than 400 sitios, through the barangay electrification program.
  • Entrenched the accessibility of adequate power supply by forging strong partnerships with Power and Energy Plants, Kepco-Salcon and Global Business Power Plants.


  • Provided the largest Universal Healthcare in the country: to more than 400,000 impoverished families.
  • Cebu now has the highest number of indigent families who have Health coverage, among all provinces nationwide.
  • Services of 14 district hospitals: Improved and Upgraded.
  • Started 3 Provincial Hospitals in Carcar City, Balamban and Danao City.


  • Built more than 1,000 public elementary and high school classrooms .
  • 600,000 public school students receive free school supplies annually.
  • Scholarships to Cebu Normal University, Cebu Technological University granted to all High School Valedictorians and Salutatorians.
  • Expanded scholarship programs enjoyed by 400 scholars today, encouraging the under privileged to finish college.


  • Every city and municipality now have buildings made especially for the services of Senior Citizens.
  • Expanded livelihood programs for women through microfinance, Bugasan sa Kababayenan and food production in households.
  • Provided group accident insurance to all barangay officials and workers.


  • Mandated each town and city to have an inventory of its rich cultural heritage and artifacts exhibited in their own museums.
  • 49 out of 51 cities and municipalities showcase their own Festivals, promoting tourism.
  • Suroy-Suroy Sugbo has become the model for country side tourism throughout the country.


  • Diversified and Expanded the dispersal of Livestock, and enhanced training programs for farmers.
  • All organized farmers and fishermen are now crop-insured, a program financed by the Province of Cebu under the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation to cushion the impact of climate change.


  • Promoting entrepreneurship through Obra Negosyo Eskwela Countrysude Business Uplifment Program aimed at helping micro and small entrepreneurs.
  • Expanded One Cebu Expo: a public and privare endeavor that showcases Cebuano creativity.
  • Awarded 2012 Most Business-Friendly Local Government Unit by The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


  • Established working partnerships with 14 provinces and states across Asia, Europe, and the United States.
  • Hosted the East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum.


  • Strengthened protection on over 81 marine protected areas, covering 1761 hectares of coral reefs.
  • Planted 8 million trees, 1 million mangroves
  • Reinforced Illegal-fishing laws, established task forces.


  • Cebu is the only province in the nation that has remained insurgency-free throughout the course of Governor Garcia's term.