Lion's Link Friday Update

August 26, 2022

Some new events for your calendar

Please forgive me--I didn't do a good job getting pictures this week--I'll do better next week! We do have some new dates for you to put on your calendars:
  • October 7 is Grandparents' Day for K-4. You will receive more information from your students, but some basic information for planning: 1) it will be from 1:30-2:45 in the afternoon; 2) students are limited to 4 adult guests; 3) students will stay in their classrooms and adults will rotate to other rooms if they have multiple students in their families. There will be a short program in the gym with light refreshments in addition to a classroom visit.
  • The Alumni Dinner is October 8 in the gym. We're hoping for a great turnout!
See the calendar below for reminders of upcoming events.

A change to the parade procedures for middle school students

This year, all middle school students are going to be allowed to walk in the Pig & Pickle parade with their class float vehicle. Student safety is foremost in our minds in all that we do, and during this event we will have many people and vehicles participating, so we will be going over student participation safety guidelines prior to the event. We look forward to allowing this additional participation by our students, and we know they can handle this additional responsibility. We will have extra supervision in place, also, to monitor the larger number of students participating.

We hope to see everyone at Pig & Pickle, as our school and community come together to support a fun event for all ages!

Upcoming Dates

Mark your calendars for these events in September and October:
  • September 17: Pig & Pickle, parade starts at 4:00
  • September 24: FFA Alumni Tractor Pull
  • October 7: Grandparents' Day (K-4), 1:30-2:45
  • October 8: Alumni dinner, 6:00 p.m., gym
  • October 14: Carnival; Elementary field trip (K-4)