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Refugees : Info

Refugees are a local and global problem. Refugees survive war, natural disaster, persecution, scarce food and water. There are over 20 million refugees worldwide, forced to leave and abandon their homes. World Relief, Catholic Charities, and Refugee Services of Texas, including many other organizations, advocate for and provide services to, refugees all over the world.

How to Help

  • Volunteer at local refugee resettlement organizations. Refugee Services of Texas, World Relief Fort Worth, and Catholic Charities, are just some of the ways you can help refugees in Fort Worth.
  • Let Us Carry You- fill backpacks with small toys, clothes, shoes, light blankets, coloring books and crayons, for refugee children.
  • Get involved with resettled refugees by taking them to local libraries, grocery stores, malls, to help them adapt to American culture.

Links to Help

Refugee Services of Texas:

World Relief Fort Worth:

Catholic Charities of Forth Worth:

What This Taught Us

Duncan: There are more refugees in Fort Worth than I ever thought.

Adriana: There are more countries who don't accept refugees and build reinforced borders to keep them out.

Umaya: There are so many ways to help refugees.

Sarah: Refugees come for more places than where we think they come from. Like we said, they can be anyone.

Francisco: The world is much more cruel than I ever thought, but fortunately there are nice people to help everyone out.

Resettled refugee family

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