Grade 6

By Bhavika Rawat 601

This year has passed so quickly and our sixth graders have been working really hard. They have been through some easy and some challenging times but they still made their way until the end of this year. Read on to find out what our sixth graders have learned in their classes in the third trimester.


Bud, not Buddy Trailer by Selene, Anna, Manan, and Liam




In Music class we are working on our song for Battle of the Bands. For this event, each class gets a different song and they work on it together. Every student or group of students get different instruments, such as the piano, guitar, drum, percussion, and many more. At the end of the year, they perform their class band for students, teachers, and parents to watch.

Computer Studies

In Computer Studies we are learning Hypertext Markup Language (html). Html is a type of code which is used for making documents or websites. One of our Computer Studies project was a collaboration with the Humanities class, in which we make a movie trailor for a book called "Bud, Not Buddy." In Computer Studies we also learned how to draw a flowcharts for codes.

PE & Health

In PE we were introduced to a sport called pickleball. Pickleball is like a customized version of tennis, in which we can play in doubles or singles. Currently, we are playing rounders, which is similar to baseball and cricket. Playing rounders requires communication and focus. We also had a friendship unit, in which we learned about how to deal with bullying and peer pressure.


In Mandarin we are learning new vocabulary words every week or two. In foundation Mandarin we are learning about how to communicate with a cashier; for example, how to ask for discount and how to negotiate. The advanced Mandarin level is currently learning about summer holidays, such as how to say words like summer camp, tourist guides, dormitory, and many more.