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December 10, 2015

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Spirit Week Next Week!

Spirit Week is Next Week So come ready to get geared up!

Monday is Jersey day (Wear your favorite sports team jersey)

Tuesday Culture day (Wear a cultural dress)

Wednesday College day (Wear a college t-shirt)

Thursday Twin day (Wear a matching with your twin)

Friday Retro day (Wear 60's, 70's and 80's)

Make sure to follow Dress Code.

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November Students of the Month!

We congratulate the following students who were voted for Student(s) of the Month for November.Thank you.

  • Asiyah Jilani - 6th
  • Ines Soto - 7th
  • Jaddyn Panjaitan - 8th
  • Isha Ghimire - 9th
  • Kenneth Nguyen - 10th
  • Zeal Bhatt - 11th
  • Brandon Parra - 12th

LOST AND FOUND During Winter Break!

The school will be welcoming parents to come during Winter Break to look through our Lost and Found for student belongings. Please feel free to come during these available dates and times:

Monday, December 21st from 8:00AM - 1:00PM

Tuesday, December 22nd from 8:00AM - 1:00PM

A Letter to Parents from our High School Counselor

Dear Parents,

As a parent, you want the best future possible for your child. In today’s world, that usually means a college education. It is possible for every child to go to college with the right planning, preparation and learning about financial aid opportunities.

I would like to invite all senior parents for their child future planning; a financial aid program is scheduled for the evening of December 17th, 2015, at 5:30 pm in the HSA –Euless. The presentation will explain the process of completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This program will be most beneficial to parents when exploring the financial aid packages to assist with college tuition.

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Mock STAAR Top Performers!

STAAR Students - These students were the top performers on the Mock STAAR test, which was adminsitered the week prior to Thanksgiving break. The Mock STAAR tests are designed similar to the acutal STAAR test, and test the students as if they were at the end of the school year. This is a huge accomplishment and these students should be commended for their outstanding performance. To reward them, they will each receive a free dress pass for each test they earned the top spot!

Zubair, Wafiqah 6th math

Zubair, Wafiqah 6th reading

Mohammed Ali, Haniya 7th reading

Beauchamp, Safiyya 7th writing

Devkota, Bidhan 7th math

Kumar, Laya 8th reading

Chira, Anthony 8th math

Mohamed, Maryan 8th math

Panjaitan, Jaddyn 8th social studies

Panjaitan, Jaddyn 8th science

Yakubek, Michelle 9th English

I Panjaitan, Jaddyn 8th/9th algebra I

Turcios, Dennise English II

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No Saturday Tutoring on December 19th due to Winter Break! Saturday tutoring will resume, after Winter Break, on January 9th.

There will be Saturday Tutoring on December 12th.

Results for Gifted and Talented Testing!

If your student was tested for Gifted and Talented services in October and November, results will be available in the front office starting December 7th. Parents must pick up and sign for results by December 14th at 4pm.
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CRLP Visited Sky Ranch!

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Alumni Visit

Our alumni Enock Langat who is at Naval Academy visited our high school students to present about Naval Academy

Spelling Bee Success! Congratulations to our Champions!

On Monday, November 30th, HSA Euless held it's Annual Spelling Bee in the cafeteria. A total of 18 spellers competed to be the HSA Euless Champion. Over 300 words were spelled and four championship rounds were held to determine the first place winner. Congratulations to Laya K of 8UT for winning first place and Beeni K of 7UT for winning second place in the annual school spelling bee! Laya will go on to compete at the Regional Spelling Bee at TCU on March 2, 2016 for a chance to go to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C.
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New Website!

Dear Parents,

It is our goal to keep you informed as we make changes that will impact your day-to-day interactions at Harmony Public Schools. Starting this week, we will be launching our new website at your campus. The changes to the structure of the website and its navigation are substantial. While initially daunting, the final product will lead to a better website for you and your student. We ask for your continued support during this transition and your feedback. Together we can create the best website for the Harmony community, but we can’t do it without you.

Thanks in advance for your patience and we will keep you updated throughout the implementation process.


Your Harmony Administration Team



Estimados padres,

Es nuestra meta mantenerle informado mientras hacemos cambios que afectarán su interacción diaria con las escuelas Harmony. A partir de, lanzamiento nuestro nuevo sitio web para su campus. Los cambios en la estructura de la página web y su navegación son sustanciales. Si bien inicialmente será un poco laborioso, el producto final va a conducir a un mejor sitio web para usted y su hijo. Le pedimos su continuo apoyo durante esta transición y sus comentarios nos serán de mucha utilidad. Juntos podemos crear el mejor sitio web para la comunidad de Harmony, pero definitivamente no podemos hacerlo sin usted.

Gracias de antemano por su paciencia y le mantendremos informado durante todo el proceso de implementación.


Equipo de Administración

After School and Saturday Tutoring

After school and Saturday tutoring has begun and is mandatory. If your student has received a letter requesting their attendance, please make sure they are attending. Failure to attend will result in DPS points for each session missed. If you are unsure if your child should be attending, please email the teacher or Ms. Kiro at dkiro@harmonytx.org. Please remember, that there will be no Saturday over Thanksgiving Break (November 21st or November 28th). Saturday tutoring will resume on December 5th.

Box Top Competition

Box top competitions will begin soon. Please look in the cafeteria for your classes dropbox. When placing boxtops inside, please place them in a zip lock bag and place your name and class, such as 6UNT out the outside. This way we can keep track of the top student and class. Rewards, such as pizza parties will be awarded at the end of each quarter! Spead the word and collect those boxtops!!!

Congratulations Students College Acceptances!

  • Gabriel D.

    • Texas A&M Texarkana

  • Gabriel S.

    • UT Arlington

    • UTD

  • Hamza

    • UT Arlington

    • UTD

  • Saad F.

    • Texas Tech

  • Ruth L.

    • University of Mary Hardin Baylor

    • UT Austin

    • University of Dallas

  • Jedy P.

    • Texas A&M

  • Eman A.

    • UT Arlington

    • Texas Woman's University

  • Caroleen B.

    • Sam Houston State University

  • Dou A.

    • Oklahoma Baptist University

    • Texas Southern University Houston

  • Halaeta D.

    • University of Kentucky

  • Kanti S.

    • Sam Houston State University

  • Ameen A

    • UH

    • UNT

    • HBU

    • UT Arlington

  • Prashansa U.

    • UT Arlington

  • Salma N.

    • UT Arlington

  • Qainat M.

    • UT Arlington

    • UH

    • UT Austin

  • Mays A.

    • Colorado State University

  • Badrudin T.

    • UNT

    • UT San Antonio

    • UT Arlington

    • Texas Tech

  • Huba I.

    • UTD

    • Baylor University

    • Texas Tech

  • Haris B.

    • UT Arlington

    • UTD

  • Zaida V.

    • Lamar University

  • Safal L.

    • UTA

    • Texas Tech

  • Zahra A.

    • Texas Woman’s University

  • Edwin P.

    • UT Arlington

  • Yusuf A.

    • UT Arlington

    • UTD

  • Abdul E.

    • Lamar University

  • Zain M.

    • Baylor University

  • Brandon P.

    • Abilene Christian University

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Parents and students, The HSA-Euless library has recently processed many new fiction, young adult fiction, nonfiction, and graphic novel titles. Be sure to stop by the library to check these out. Also, stay up to date on library happenings by visiting the Harmony Science Academy-Euless website via the link on the school's website or go directly to http://hsaeulesslibrary.webs.com/.

Dress Code Notice

Dear parents and students,

Please be informed that there is NO change in the school dress code policy. We would like clarify our policy for outerwear.

Dress Code regarding outerwear in Student Handbook (please refer to page 17):

  • No outerwear, such as windbreakers, jean jackets, or ski jackets, may be worn inside the classroom. Such items must be stored in the student’s locker.

  • “Hoodies” may not be worn inside the school building.

  • No pullovers or sweatshirts are allowed.

What can be worn:

  • Items purchased in the past from school fundraiser
  • School cardigan sweaters (with or without buttons/zipper) in solid red, white, black, navy blue or grey.
  • Solid-colored, long-sleeve shirt under their uniform top in red, white, black, navy blue or grey.
  • Other items that are worn to school will need to be left in the locker before going to the classroom.

Thank you for your attention on this matter and please do not hesitate to reach us on Let's Talk or email Mr. Moore (jmoore@harmonytx.org) for any questions, concerns or comments.

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Fruits and vegetables are among the most important foods for giving us enough vitamins, minerals and fiber. We should all try to eat 5 servings a day. For example, a glass of fruit juice at breakfast, perhaps an apple and banana as snacks and two vegetable at meal times. Then you have already reached your total. How many different kinds can you spot at the grocery store? Why not try new ones?
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Flu season is right around the corner. The following are important tips that can help us stay healthy:

Hand Washing

· Before, during, and after preparing food

· Before eating food

· Before and after caring for someone who is sick

· After using the toilet

· After changing diapers or cleaning up a child who has used the toilet

· After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing

· After touching an animal, or animal waste

· After touching garbage

Handwashing is easy to do and it's one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of many types of infection and illness

Cover your mouth and nose

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. It may prevent those around you from getting sick

Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth

Germs are often spread when a person touches something that is contaminated with germs and then touches his or her eyes, nose, or mouth.


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Thank you for keeping yourself and your family informed about the news and events of HSA Euless. Have a most wonderful week!