Elephant Run

By Roland Smith

Book Facts

Number of pages- 318

Genre- Historical Fiction

Lexile- 750 L

Author- Roland Smith

Title- Elephant Run


The main character in Elephant Run is Nick Freestone. He came to Burma to visit his father but got stuck in the midst of a war. The Japanese had taken over Burma, and him and a bunch of other people were forced to work for them as slaves. Nick changed drastically in shape and in mental toughness. Before Nick came he was a fat and lazy boy . Now, he is strong and determined to escape from Burma. One of the minor characters in Elephant Run Sergeant Sonji. He was an important character because he was the only Japanese Soldier Nick could trust.



I enjoyed the ending because everybody came back safe and sound. Nick's father was freed from the concentration camp. The characters do not have to suffer anymore from the Japanese Soldiers and WW2 has finally ended. They reside in Alice Springs, Australia; living the life they were supposed to.

Book Trailer

Trailer of the book "Elephant Run" - Roland Smith