grade 9 science

my four most memorable learning experiences


my first point is when we went to the Forrest behind erindale when we went we were looking for animals and different kinds of leaves and things like that taking notes on what we saw heard. we saw birds and different kinds of animal tracks. we also looked at the bark of trees seeing the different patterns of the tree bark.


burning a magnesium strip during this lab we burned a small strip of magnesium when we did this it emitted a very bright light. i learned that when some metals burn they can have some interesting results. me and my lab partner Josiah found this to be mesmerizing that such a unassuming metal would have such a violent reaction


spinning the whimhurst generator.i learned about the 3 methods of electrical transfer are friction contact and induction. i also learned that you can create a chain if you hold others peoples hands. i also learned how to make circuits and circuit diagrams


the last point astrology specificity the formation of the universe (big bang theory) and that all mass in the universe came from one infinitesimal dying star with almost incalculable density and all at once it expanded reaching hundreds of millions of light years away in one hundredth of a second and just kept expanding still to this day although at a massively slower rate