By:Aiden Larsen

Backround Information

a.Capital:Guatemala city

b.Major cities(4):Mixco,Villa nueva,Quetzaltenango,San Miguel Petipa


I. Was it controlled by another country? Yes it was.

1. If yes,which country? Belize

I I.Did it gain independence? Yes

2.If yes,when? In1821

I I I.Is it still controlled by another country? No it's not

d. Official language: Spanish.There are also 23 officially recognized native languages

e. Describe the flag: It's blue and white and has loral leave in the middle of it

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Geographical Information

a. Where is you country? Guatemala is south of Mexico

b. Physical Features(3): 3 deep river valleys(Montagua,Polochic,Sarstun)

Political Information

a. Type of government: Republic

b. Leader: Jimmy Morales

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Economic Information

a. Currency: Guatemala Quezal

b. Economic system(capitalism,socialism): Capitalism

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Tourist Information

a. Why should people visit? You should visit Guatemala because of the beutiful beaches and lakes you can go to

b. What should tourists see and do? The should see and go to El Mirador because it's a major city that flourish from the 6th century and abandonment at the end of the 9th century