Who is in Charge of Learning?

Personal Learning Environment: A Student Centered Venture

The Platform

A Personal Learning Environment (PLE) is a platform from which students take flight, making connections with learning resources across the globe. This web-based resource is more than a toolkit. Students actually engage instructors delivering lectures at other venues, view productions by peers at regional conferences, plumb the depth of digital scholarly minds, collaborate with students on problem-solving projects (presenting the fruits of their endeavors on electronic forums), and reflecting on the how and what of learning through chat rooms and blogs. Imagine your students hosting a Socratic Circle with peers in a school across the country through an avenue like Skype.

The Student: A Contemplative in Learning

Student as Director, Decision Maker, and Actor

The PLE affords the student the resources and opportunity to learn and collaborate on the development of work with peers anytime and from any place. They become companions in learning who present their efforts and exchange feedback with other companions so that they might repurpose and recast their work, leading to a project characterized by greater credibility, clarity and conviction. The integration of the voices of students and educators stimulates the kind of innovation and creativity one finds in the professional academy and marketplace.

Students' projects emerge from their interests piqued by the diversity of learning experiences and resources in the PLE. They become conceivers of ideas, developers of plans, creators who realize, and contemplatives who through conversations with peers on each's contributions reflect on the wisdom and worth of their own efforts. In that contemplation students often ask the questions of depth. What is the good, or what is the better difference of what we are doing with our knowledge?

Dr. Dominic P Scibilia

St. Peter's Preparatory School

New Jersey' s Jesuit College Preparatory School

Who is in charge of Learning?

No longer student as consumer. No longer learning that is school or teacher centric. From the PLE platform, school, teacher and pupils become student-centered. And students mature into connectors, organizers, innovators, analyzers, synthesizers, creators and responsible citizens.