Dot Dollars are Expiring Soon!

Will expire JANUARY 5th - Don't Miss Out!

Dot Dollars EXPIRE this Tuesday! Don't miss out on the best deal Stella & Dot offers!

What are Dot Dollars?!?!?!
You are receiving this e-mail because you are one of my lucky shoppers who earned Dot Dollars! For every $50 you spent between mid-November and Mid - Decemeber, you earned $25 Dot Dollars that can be redeemed starting on December 29th and until January 5th.
You can apply one code (worth $25) for each $50 you add to your cart. Basically, you'll be able to shop for half off!!!! Yippee!!

How do I get my code?
All codes are under your account page on my website.
If you don't see them, no worries! I have them all in my system and can send them to you OR put your order in for you. Just e-mail me at or text/call me at 302-531-5695.

What can I get?
Basically, the sky's the limit!! Dot Dollars can be redeemed for anything except for Spring Preview pieces. Check out some pieces below as fun options!
What Now?
You can email me at to place your order, or place it yourself. I do encourage you to place your order as soon as possible so that items don't sell out.

Not going to use your Dot Dollars?
If you decide that you don't want to use ALL of your Dot Dollars, please DO NOT let them go to waste!! This is the BEST customer appreciation event that Stella & Dot offers its customers. Don't keep this a secret from your friends and family!!

In the nest few days, think about the ladies who would love to take advantage of your Dot Dollars. Tell them you have a coupon (or coupons) for $25 off a $50 Stella & Dot purchase, Then just have them e-mail me your name and their info. What a nice treat for someone!!
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