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Principal's Weekly Communication -Week of September 8

Inspiration for the Week

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School Improvement

Teaching Innovation

Last year, as we began our journey of implementing the standards through the Units of Study, many people created “focus walls” in their classrooms. These walls provide an area for targeted vocabulary, strategies, and essential questions.

Some of our teachers are adding, “I can” statements to this wall or in another area of the room. Using these statements brings the focus to what the student can do in order to reach the targeted standard. These statements are more student-friendly than the essential questions and help the students talk about their own learning.

Did You Know?


  • Cathy, Joy, and Erin rock for facilitating great communication between school and home for our ELL families!-Mary Alice Howe

  • Kristen for all of her tech support.

    My third grade teammates for sorting through all of the supplies and getting things organized for me while I was busy with my sick mom. Marny

  • Lisa rocks with her ability to help me with anything related to technology!-Jill C. Kuhns

  • Kristin Ziemba. She rocks because she has organized schedules and created and compiled lists to help us get on track with the beginning of the year. Besides that, she is just awesome!-Penny B.

  • Kerri Tilton rocks!

    She is always modeling and willing to share her expertise and new discoveries, especially when it comes to technology. Her patience is unlimited, even with us "old dogs who are learning new tricks!" Last year she prepared an optional workshop to introduce colleagues to Class Dojo, Kahoot, and Go Noodle, which have become important parts of my weekly repertoire. I feel so lucky to have a mentor right across the hall and am always eavesdropping to see what fun approach she is using to engage her first graders.-Jen Massie

  • I just wanted to thank Anita, Jill, and Donna for being so helpful and answering all my questions as I got started this year teaching art, music, and PE here at Husmann! I couldn't have done it without them and I truly appreciate their help and time! I also wanted to thank the entire staff for being so warm and welcoming! It was a very smooth transition and it's because of everyone here. Thank you!

  • Lisa Noonan, Bim Prathan and Kristin Thorsen for helping us with our technology including MAP testing, Google accounts, and iPads!-Emily

  • I would like to give a huge thank you to Lynn, Cathy, and Debbie, my wonderful team. They have been a tremendous help to me these last few weeks and I appreciate them!!!

    Sincerely,Rita Fata

  • My entire team deserves a You Rock! They have all been so helpful to me! I want to show them all that I appreciate what they have done and do for me! I nominate them for this award!

    Thanks!-Barbara Brayton

  • I would like to say kudos to Kristin Thorsen because she has helped me out with multiple glitches on my computer over the past few weeks. I've just dropped in on her and she stopped what she was doing to help me out. She has taken the time to explain how I can fix it next time as well as trouble shooting the problem.​-

    Jenny Nixon

    Thanks to Cathy Thurston for showing me the ropes and for Husmann's very welcoming staff!

  • Thanks to Luis, Mike, and Richard for maintaining such a clean and shiny school!


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