Discovery Education In Your School

Free, Live & Fun Event For Your Educators & Administrators

Discovery Education Is Heading Your Way

And we would love to join you in one of your district buildings for a celebration of education technology. Sponsored by the Discovery Educator Network, this event is free to the district, and free to all teachers who attend. We will spend 90 minutes learning new strategies for using our Discovery Education resources, and for bringing the teaching tools out there on the web, into our classroom.

An Opportunity For Professional Development Without Cost

Educators attending the event receive certificates of participation that they can use with the district office to receive continuing education credits. And the best part is, we just need a space, projector and wireless internet connection - we will handle everything else (we'll make sure you get lists of registrants and attendees).

Interested? Please Let Me Know....

Contact me at; or phone me at 240.478.2594 with any questions.