Liz's Norwex Party

Day 7

Wrapping The Party Up...

Risk Free With Norwex

Orders can be placed risk free through Friday!

Rest assured that Norwex stands behind it's products. All of our Microfiber has a 2 year warranty, and there is a 60 day money back guarantee with any product if you are not satisfied.

Not Sure Where To Start?

That's a Great Question! I'm Glad You Asked. :)

Bundles and Sets! Any one of, or a combo of these (like adding the Let's Do Laundry Package onto another Package) are a great way to get started, and get the most bang for your buck.

Keep in mind, that the average household spends $600-$800 annually on cleaning products, and that with Norwex, you can save hundreds a year!

My Favorite Bundles

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Clean 90% of your home with just water and the EnviroCloth and Window Cloth, while replacing 90% of your cleaners and cutting cleaning time by 75%. No joke!

The House Hold Package, is a fantastic place to start, and adding the Let's Do Laundry Package, or the Laundry Detergent is even better! Here's that quick video showing them in action we saw earlier:


1. Simply wet, and wring out, the grey EnviroCloth, and use it to clean virtually everything, ceiling to floor, in your whole house. It's a powerhouse, and it removes everything from the chemicals, just water!

2. Follow up with a dry purple Polishing/Window Cloth for a streak free shine on the things that need it: granite, stainless steel, glass, mirrors, and chrome. You'll be blown away by how fast, and how clean everything is!!

Fold the cloths in half, and then in half again for 8 clean sides and to use flat on the surface, allowing the microfiber to do it's thing best! Rinse all wet microfiber when you're done, and hang to dry (very important's what let's the microsilver that's embedded in the cloth purify it!)

More Awesome Packages!

An even better way to convert your home into a Safe Haven with Norwex is one of these packages below!
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The Safe Haven Package you see pictured above gets you everything in the Household Package, plus our UPP (laundry detergent that's the BOMB, and takes excellent care of your cloths), the Cleaning Paste (AMAZING cleaner that lasts for years), 2 Spirisponges (fantastic alone or with the cleaning paste for dishes, glass stovetops, pots and pans, and tough jobs), a 3 pack of our Body Cloths (which replace all face washes, body soaps and shaving creams), and a Kitchen Towel, and Kitchen Cloth. All of these are among my favorites for sure!!

The Just Add Water Package

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Speaking of Our Naturally Timeless Face Line

I Forgot To Show You These!!

I only wish I had taken before and after pictures when I started using them, and I was using an expensive "top of the line" (yet toxic) industry leader.

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Thank You!

A big shout out of thanks to those of you who have placed your orders so far! Liz and I both appreciate you!!

Another Way To Get Norwex In Your Home!!

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It sounds like some of you are just getting started with Norwex, and have your eye on many things. Consider hosting a live, fb, skype, or catalog party of your own to quickly build your stock with our extremely generous hostess rewards! The average haul is $200-$300 of free product, and most of my hostesses get the Household Package for free, plus lots more!!

I'm Here To Help!

So please feel free to contact me with any questions!

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