Louis Vuitton Bag Up for Grabs!

Fingers crossed a 1st Impressions Teammate Wins It!

12 More Days of the Alphabet Challenge!

Have you worked your BOOKING muscles yet? If not, there's still time! Here's your action plan:

  1. Make up a quick, simple text and a simple email about the style session opportunity.
  2. Download a few MIMI/MARKETING images to your phone.
  3. Scroll through the Contacts in your phone, Facebook, Lounge, etc. and start with A.
  4. Copy, Paste, Copy, Paste, & REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT.
  5. Block time in your calendar to FOLLOW UP. This is KEY to getting the booking. Call, text, voice text, IM, however you want but just FOLLOW UP.
  6. Sending out 2 texts won't result in much. It's like working out. The more you do it the easier it is so challenge yourself to send no LESS THAN 10 for each booking you want. I promise with each outreach it gets easier :)


Hi Kara! I hope all is well with you and your fam :) Our gorgeous new collection just arrived including TOPS and I thought of you! I think you'll go gaga over it all. What do you say to a fun fashion fix with friends so we can get you loads of freebies? We could gather for a 90 min coffee or cocktails around the kitchen table. I'd love to fit you in this fall! Take a peek: www.stelladot.com/carriemcgraw. In Oct. Stella & Dot does a big breast cancer fundraiser so that could be a great time! (or if you want to fit it in Sept--highlight that). I'll call you soon to see what you think! :) Carrie"

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Every day those who earned their spot in the INSPIRE program for emerging leaders by selling 1000+ in Aug, get a Daily Vitamin of tips for focus. And each Tuesday we get a LIVE coaching call by Danielle Redner or our Regional Directors.

The past few days we've been focusing on SPONSORING. There is such great advice that I thought I'd share what was covered yesterday with you:

WHY do you want to sponsor? Because it fulfills your WHY faster. No matter what your why is!

- More money

- More time

- More community

- More jewels

- More personal fulfillment

SPONSORING is the way to get you there! SPONSORING takes courage and confidence! Here are some simple ways you can build confidence:

Choose courage over comfort whenever you can

You get to decide the level for this! If “go big or go home” is your style then go for it. But if you’re reading this I’m going to guess it isn’t!

What small thing can you do today that pushes you? It could be your first live video, an email to someone you respect, a phone call to book your first in person show.

Start a brag list so you can refer back to it when you need a boost

This can start as a list of areas you already feel comfortable but as you take steps to build confidence, keep a list of your wins. It will be a great reminder of how far you’ve come when you start talking yourself out of being bold again.

Writing down your goals increases your chance of achieving them by 42%! Tracking the positive steps and outcomes keeps your mindset strong.

Identify your expanders + share what you’re going for with them

“Expanders” are people who can see you in a way that you can’t see yourself. They are the kind of people who believe so deeply in you that you can’t help but catch the feeling.

Who are the expanders in your life? It could be a parent, a bestie, your up line or a pacing partner. Share your goals with US this week, too! We want to cheer you on when you achieve them.

Practice + Build resilience

Overall in my experience what’s really grown my confidence is practice, practice, practice. There’s nothing you can’t get better at by practicing! NOTHING.

And the more you do it, the more RESILIENCE you build. You will start to find a rhythm that’s comfortable for you.

Whether it’s picking up the phone, speaking in front of a group, doing a live video...it all gets easier the more you do it. What do you want to do this week to step out of your comfort zone?


1. What will you specifically do to work the simple business plan this week and to reach out to others about the opportunity - so you sell 2500 and sponsor 1 this month?

2. Share your answer in this thread below OR with your mentor or pacing partner, and even on your team FB page!

We'd love to celebrate you declaring the goal and cheer you on to taking action! xox

Wednesday's Daily Vitamin:

Yesterday, we talked about the power of a compliment. Something so small can mean so much. I mean, I even cried a little!

Nothing puts a message you want to deliver on better ground than kicking things off by telling someone how amazing they are!

While you’re working at building your confidence with the steps we talked about on the call yesterday, let’s start by finding something - anything - to genuinely compliment in EVERYONE you see today!

“I think you are...”

“I like it when you...”

“Thank you for...”

“You are so good at...”

“You look so great when...”

and, of course my fave, “I am so proud of you for...”

And remember! Pay attention to how you react a compliment someone pays you. Receive them graciously. It keeps the loop of abundance open.

NEW ENGLAND TEAM: Hope to see you this Sunday! Last day to register, 9/20


Come in your casual but chic S&D athletic wear (I'm going in yoga pants & our Zip Pullover!). Invest in YOU by focusing on creating a life where you are happy, healthy, and successful in every endeavor. Our featured guest and author of The Yoga of Leadership, Tarra Mitchell will guide us through.

Then continue to relax as we chat about our Simple Business Plan, goals, & action plans to reach those goals.

Excited to see you!!