Gage Gibson

Paris, France

airfare cost and schedule

Firstly, I will be traveling from Denver, Colorado to a connecting flight in Charolette, North Carolina. From there I will fly across the Atlantic Ocean to my final destination of Paris France. The overall flight will take about 12 hours and 40 minutes (depending on weather, etc). The total cost of the flight will be $1,833.76 for two people travelling. However, I will need food and books to read on the flight, which will cost a total of about $100. Therefore, the total cost will add up to $1,933.76 for the flight.


Upon arriving in Paris, France I will find the nearest taxi cab to take me to the "Hotel Warwick Champs - Elysees". This is where I will be staying for the duration of the trip, a whole 7 day week. I will be staying in a Deluxe Room with one other person (father or mother). The total cost for a week of stay in a Deluxe Room adds up to about $2,757. I picked this hotel because of it's good reviews, location, and wifi to keep in touch with my friends and family.


history and culture


Once inside the city of Paris, France I will most likely travel in two different ways. First of all, by walking. This would be because of the small city streets which can sometimes be inaccessible by car, or just generally faster to travel by foot due to heavy traffic. Secondly in busy city streets I would like to travel by taxi. This would be because no one who I bring with me would know the driving laws in France or have a license, so it would be much more wise to travel in a taxi with an experienced driver in France.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

First of all, I don't speak the native language, French. This could be a minor or major problem depending on the situation. Knowing where bathrooms and such are located are very necessary, and being able to ask solves the problem quick and easy. If I can't ask, accidents happen. However, I can fix this problem quite easily. My father and his parents lived in France for about a year when my father was young, and still knows quite a bit of French (last I checked). Therefore, I can use my grandparents or my father to get some quick french lessons and be speaking basic french in no time!

Secondly, I may get home sick. This could be from the smallest of missing my friends to generally feeling out of place and uncomfortable in a foreign country such as France. However, I can fix this with modern technologies such as the internet and cell phones. If I travel to internet cafe's or bring my own laptop along for the trip with WiFi, I can connect to my friends and family back home to make me feel more comfortable and secure when I'm out of the country.


While there were many places to travel, my destination was Paris, France. This was decided not only because it would be a very nice place to visit, but my father and his parents had also been to France many times and my father even went to school there for a year or two. I decided to use public transportation (taxis, walking) to make the trip a bit cheaper in total, as well as that it would also add to the feel of actually living in Paris. I chose the hotel that I did because of it's high ratings, WiFi, and location. It being in the city would help me feel more like I'm living in Paris as well as the public transportation. I wanted to experience the culture as much as I could, so my choices were because of that.

About the traveler

Gage Gibson is 13 years old and lives in Denver, Colorado with his mother, father, and 3 year old sister. He is a very frequent traveler and enjoys being out of the state at least twice a year. He has traveled out of the continent twice to Brisbane, Australia to visit his grandparents twice. Once when he was 6 years old and just last year when he was 12. He believes Australia is one of the best places on earth and can't wait to go again, even if it means a 16 hour long flight. Overall, Gage is a very frequent traveler and enjoys being away from home, ( just not for longer than 3 weeks, then he gets a little home sick and anxious).