Technology Spotlight

3rd Edition

Technology at Wakefield is to be integrated with instruction in authentic and meaningful ways and used to enhance our already outstanding curriculum. This month's spotlight is on how using technology for learning made a difference for some of our wonderful students!

Stop Motion Animation

Featured Students: Cade Burdette, Mark Siegel, Jackson Seaborne, Dylan Fanico, & Michael Wei

Nominated by: Ms. Stapp-McKiernan


  • For a class project on Aeschylus' Agamemnon, one aspect of the project was writing a five-minute version of the play. This group of students, Cade & Mark in particular, had the idea of using an app to create a time-lapse version of what they recorded with a voice-over added. They spent hours filming as they drew out the illustrations on the white board to accompany their text.

From Ms. Stapp-McKiernan:

  • "The finished video was a wonderful thing. They worked themselves hard to get it done in just a few days, and used every precious moment of class time to do it. What I was most proud of, though, is that Mark and Cade had to shout down (figuratively speaking, of course) the rest of their group, and me, as to whether or not this would be a good use of time. I was afraid that the group could not pull it off in time and so would end up shorthanded on the project's due date. But they were passionate in their conviction that they could make it work, researched and purchased the needed app themselves on their own time, and in every way put legs under their idea until I could not possibly have said no!! Once they had the go-ahead, the entire group worked like madmen to get it done, and were completely prepared on presentation day. Their classmates were impressed with their results and, as for me, I was more proud than I can say of their initiative and creativity."

It's Your Turn!

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