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Week of December 8, 2014

Please RSVP for the puppet show and writing showcase!

If you have not RSVP'd for our puppet show and writing showcase on Friday, December 19th please do so!

The link to the invite is: https://www.smore.com/j9ffa

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This week (as told by the Oak Room Kindergartners)...

In Studio in a School we made things for our community garden mural. During Project Time we worked on stickers for our book about the community garden. We learned the sight words no, me, to, and he. We got post-its during Reading Workshop to mark the parts we want to share with our partner.

Todd read us a book and we played Simon Says. We didn't have Music because Sarah was sick. We measured objects in a box with cubes made into a tower. We made cardboard puppets!

We got a new friend in our class! His name is Owen. Najah left our school and is going to a different school. We got new dry erase boards in the art center. We looked at things with a magnifying glass in Project Time.

We looked at dots and had to guess how many were in the picture. We had a snowball fight at the playground. We got research notebooks!

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This week in literacy (and things to do at home)

This week in Reading Workshop the Oaks practiced talking about books with their partners. During independent reading they received post-it notes to mark pages that they had a question about or that gave them a strong feeling. Then in partner reading, they shared those pages with their partner. The Oaks also helped remind each other about how to tell a story in order without forgetting important parts. We also talked with our partners about what is the same and what is different between two emergent storybooks.

In Writing Workshop we came up with ideas. We talked with our partners about ideas for things we might want to write about like a scientist.

In Word Study we worked on the letters P and N. We sorted pictures that started with the letter sounds and practiced in our handwriting books. We have also been focusing on the sight words no, he, me, to, and at.

Things to do at home

Use post-it notes or scrap paper to have your child bookmark pages that they might want to share and discuss with you.

Review the letter sounds for P and N as well as the sight words no, he, me, to, and at.

Have your child do some representational drawing like a scientist of some objects around your home.

This week in math (and things to do at home)

In Math Workshop we have been taking inventory of items in a package Arian received. The Oaks have been working so hard to make sure they are counting the items accurately and representing them through numbers and pictures on their inventory sheets. We also started measuring objects to see if they were longer or shorter than a tower of 10 unifix cubes. We have been practicing counting backwards as well.

Things to do at home

Count down from 10. Count down from 20! Compare objects around your home and discuss with your child whether the objects are longer or shorter.

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Project Time

This week on Wednesday we had an extra special Project Time. The children researched a mysterious, unfamiliar object in small groups and wrote/illustrated about it just like scientists. Here are some quotes we overheard while they were researching:

"Is it a record player thingy?" "I know what it is, it's a cd!" "Is it a camera?" "When I look at it with the light, the light turns red." "I figured out how to open this!" "It's a CD holder." "It's a pretend CD."

The quotes the next morning after children discussed with their families what they wrote/drew were equally interesting:

"They said that it could be something from the olden days that you use for switching CDs for computers." "It's a floppy disk. You put it in computers but nowadays they put like little chips into the computer that hold like 200 billion megabytes." "My mom says that maybe it's something that is a CD or something inside it, that you put inside the TV to make the commercial or the show come on." "My mom said she thought it was a CD but it's probably a really flat flat CD." "My dad said it was a film camera." "I think it's a floppy disk. They used to do it for computers. You would put it in." "Maybe a boom box or a cassette player."

We are starting a new integrated unit of study called "What is a family?". To begin the unit, we wanted the children to become familiar with studying by doing research. We had the children study an unfamiliar object so the children would be prompted to use different kinds of tools to figure out what that object was, which then lead them to think about different ways people can find out more about things they want to research. In this unit we will be studying our families and cultures. Look forward to more opportunities to research and discuss with your child!

By the way, the mysterious object was a floppy disk!

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Would you like to donate your child's rest mat?

William's mom Claudia works with physical and occupational therapists that could use the mats for patient care with babies. If you would like to donate your child's mat please bring them by the classroom any time before December 19th.

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