JROB Dugout News 3/11 - 3/15/2019


Notes from Damita

Dear Robinson,

Rain, Rain go away come again another day. What a statement....but always after the rain is a beautiful sky and rainbow full of life's pots of gold. This past week there were sooooooo many pots of gold that were shared about student progress in all academic areas via the progress monitor data meetings. Many students and classrooms are on the upward and positive trajectory to meet and exceed grade level goals/standards. What I heard loud and clear is that students are gaining understanding, applying and connecting learning in multiple opportunities across content areas. What was also clear from the teacher's reflection of success ratio was always about focused and intentional planning. Gotta love those daily learning intentions....Oh Yeah!!!

Let's keep pushing forward until the home stretch!

At-Risk Conferences

Thank you for your work and diligence in completing parent conferences for our At-Risk students in danger of not meeting promotion criteria. The documentation input process in LROIX via the SAS is new, be sure you have updated the information with the conference details discussed from parents. Continue to reach out and keep parents in the loop with progress via class dojo, school loop, school messenger and or email with progress toward meeting the criteria.

Working on the work collectively (U5):

Staff Collaboration - 3/13 & 3/20 - Grade Level Collaboration

Staff Collaboration - 3/27 - HLT Data Analysis (Writing in the content areas)

As always...Looking forward to another great week in #JROBNation. As you know we are in full motion toward student proficiency goals with 5 weeks before Spring Break and 7 weeks before SBAC administration. As we push through, continue to ensure each learning opportunity is working to meet the goals that hold students to high expectations.

Respectfully - Damita

Voices from the field on "Playbook - Progress Monitoring"

Teacher 1(MS) - Students have a goal tracking sheet in which they have identified their SMART goal. They track their progress per quiz which is building their ownership and responsibility to SMART goal attainment.

Teacher 2 (ES Upper) - Students are making great progress on LEXIA/Core 5...best noticing over 1/2 of the class is on the positive trajectory and within two bands of achievement level. No more discrepancy ranges of Level 1 to Level 12, now achievement ranges are between level 13 to 15. There is also a transfer of performance level increase on LEXIA/CORE 5 to district reading benchmark data.

Teacher 3 (ES Lower) - Targeted students made progress using the LLi Intervention materials, which allowed for focused /intentional mini-lesson on targeted skill deficiencies. Based on this all students were able to move to Mid1 F/NF moving them out of retention criteria.Yeah!

Teacher 4 (ES Upper) - Students were able to use all the appropriate grammatical sentence structures and writer's purpose/voice in thank you letters to the San Juan Mission Mission school scholarship program.

Hummm.. Are you "Leveling Up" the DOK in daily tasks???

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SBAC Schedule & Testing Information

Last day to give any IABS...April 18

Testing/Ethics Meeting - May 1 (3rd - 8th Grade teachers) w/ Dr. Hosn

SBAC ELA: May 6 -10

SBAC MATH: May 13 -17

SBAC SCIENCE: May 20 - 24

SBAC MAKEUPS: 5/10, 5/17 & 5/24

SBAC countdown: "PROFICIENCY" is our only GOAL!!

CAASP Resources: Click the Embedded Link

STOIC: Referral Agreements all on the same page

Click the embedded link to access the Google Slidedeck

Relationships, Relationships will support March Madness

Click the embedded link to view a Classroom Community Building video

Enhancing our Use of Google Classroom and Useful Apps via Tech Tuesday - 3/12 (begins)

March 12 &19 Google Classroom Plus

Please take a quick survey to inform the presenters Ms. Gay and Mr. Boscocho, on gauging the professional learning focus for google classroom training.


Time: 2:30 - 3:30

Where: JROB Library

Voluntary buttttttt ohhhhhhh soooooo worth your time!!!

For every session you attend, you will be entered into a raffle for a "free/sub release" workday, where a sub will take your class and you can do planning/grading!!

*Next Sessions 3/26, 4/2 & 4/9 - App Smashing Fun!!**

Relationships, Relationships with Parents are Key to support partnerships of SUCCESS

March MAdness Attendance Challenge is on...Ready to Win? Week #1 - 3/4 - 8

****During the month STUCO and Dr. Miller challenge alllllll JROB Dolphins to be in school every day to enhance/support SUCCESS**

Kinder - 90.42%

1st - 94.22%

2nd - 96.06%

3rd - 96.37%

4th - 95.32%

5th - 94.75%

6th - 100%

7th - 99.37%

8th - 97.89%

Prize/reward to:

*1 grade level with highest attendance percentages for a month

*1 grade level with highest increased percentage from previous month

- Afternoon at the JROB Movie IMAX Movie Theater:

Fresh Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Lounge Chairs, Video Games, Dance Off, Photos

JROB's Community Kindness Calendar and Survey on our work

March Elementary Calendar:


March Middle Calendar:


We are 2/3 of the way through the year and it's time to reflect and assess the implementation of our Community Kindness Calendars: A Google survey has been sent to you and your feedback is appreciated to support our continued work in 19-20 with creating classrooms and school community supporting students needs with SEL (U6).

42 Day...is coming celebration is Friday, April 12th

Order your shirt today:

Pre Order $10 - Before March 29

Regular Sales $12 - While supplies last


AA Young Leaders in Action

Dramatic Results: Week 5 Tapestry...Dr. Baker makes a visit

Social Committee Presents.......

Spread the Staff Sunshine with "Shamrock Lucky Shout Outs"

Let's give a shout out to our colleagues, acknowledging their work for our school and students SUCCESS!!!

"Lucky Shout Out" slips are in the workroom!!

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This parent bulletin is sent via email and text message to parents each week. It is also available on our school's website.