Nicks List of Buckets

Nicks bucket list

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Desert dirtbiking

Dirtbiking in the desert would be lots of fun because of all the ramp like sand dunes. These sand dunes were created by wind and gravity (physicle). Wind picks up the sand (erosion) and the gravity pulls down the sand and deposits them into dunes (gravity)
Free Riding MotoX, Deserts of Dubai
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Wing suits

Almost everyone has dreamt of flying, and base jumping with a wingsuit in Venesuala can be a close second. This canyon, which was created from gravity pulling the water through which weathered the canyon (physicle weathering) would be one of the coolest places to do it
Volando - Wingsuit Flying in Venezuela
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Margaret river valleys the box, Australia

My love for surfing in North and South Carolina brought me to Mexico where I learned to wipe out on some of the biggest waves in the world. Although now I have always dreamed of riding on the crystal clear blue tubes of Australia. The soft sandy beaches of the box were created by the huge waves constantly crashing down on them breaking them into smaller, even smaller, even smaller pieces!
Margaret River Surfing
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Yep, thats right, WATER JET PACKS

Even though there super expensive, there super fun. (my grandpa even tried it!) The best place to do it would be Hawaii, which was created by volcanic ash, rock, and dust. The dust weathered, eroded and deposited in its new position today
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The number one thing on my bucket list is to go hot tubin with the monkeys!

The Japanese macaque have weird (awesome) behaviors of jumping in the hot springs of northern japan to warm up. The glaciers from the mountains created the springs while the Lava heats up the water from under ground.