29th November 2019

Our Vision

Our Lady of Fatima Palmyra is a Catholic School that aspires to

provide a respectful, secure and caring learning environment

where our community is committed to following

the teachings of Jesus.

From the Principal

Dear Parents

It is hard to believe we are less than a month away from Christmas. The year is certainly well into the busy time with teachers writing reports and finishing last assessments with the children. Our AGM will be held next Wednesday and is an important event that is an opportunity to reflect and highlight some of the achievements of the year and also map out some aspects of the coming year. We will be holding the AGM in the Library so space will be at a premium however I still encourage you to come along. Nomination forms for the Board and P&F are available at front office and attached as a link below.

On the final Monday evening of the school year we will be hosting our Family Carols and Edudance concert. During this evening the children will be performing Christmas songs and dances and we would love to see as many parents there on the night as possible. The P&F will have a raffle on the night and have also arranged for families to order pizzas. The gates will open at 4:45pm for families to bring picnic rugs and be seated on the oval. Carols will begin at 5:30pm and the Edudance performances will follow. I am looking forward to seeing the children perform their Christmas items in what should be a joyful night for all. Please see further information in the P&F section of the newsletter.

On Tuesday 10th December we will be having our transition morning. On this day the children will spend some time with their new teacher for 2020. The staffing for 2020 has been included in a link below. There have been some changes to classroom teachers due to staff leaving or being on leave next year and also the arrival of new staff. A lot of thought and effort goes into ensuring that we provide the best possible teachers in different roles within the school to maximise your child’s learning opportunities and experiences.

To celebrate all of the students’ hard work throughout the year, we will be having a Aqua Fun Day on Wednesday 11th December. Water slides and obstacle courses will be setup on the school oval and class groups will get the opportunity to have some fun and get wet. On this day the Year 6 class will be heading to Adventure World as recognition of a fantastic school year. I’m sure it will be a great day for all.

Also on Wednesday 11th December, your children will bring home their Second Semester report. Teachers put a great deal of effort and consideration into reporting on your child’s progress. Their effort and grades are a culmination of observations, in-class work and assessment over the entire semester. We encourage you to look through these reports with your children sharing the positives they have achieved including teacher comments, effort and grades. All students develop and work at their own pace however it is fantastic to see student’s displaying so much growth over a full school year. This is a testament to the hard work and effort of our teachers.

Finally, we will be concluding the school year with a farewell mass for the community and a graduation ceremony for our Year 6 students. These will be held on the final day of school, 13th December with both ceremonies taking place in the parish church. We encourage the community to come along to these events to farewell departing staff and celebrate our graduating students.

We look forward to finishing the school year in a positive fashion and head into the school holidays with students feeling proud of their work and effort in 2020.

Music Recitals

State Cricket and Jessica Shepherd

St Vincent De Paul Christmas Appeal

Aqua Splash Afternoon

Pre-Primary Christmas Assembly & Aegis Relationship

Nomination form for P&F

Nomination form for School Board

2020 Staffing

Best wishes for the coming fortnight.

Rob La Roche
Acting Principal

Dates to Remember

Monday 2nd December

Online School Lunch

Tuesday 3rd December

Pre-Primary Christmas Assembly

Year 5 excursion to UWA

Wednesday 4th December

Kindergarten Christmas Performance

Community AGM 6:30pm in School Library

Thursday 5th December

2020 Pre Kindergarten Parent Information Meeting

Friday 6th December

Aqua Splash Carnival

Pre-Primary concert performance at Ageis Age Care

Monday 9th December

Community Carols & Edudance Concert

Tuesday 10th December

‘Meet the teacher’ morning

Wednesday 11th December

Aqua Fun Day

Year 6 excursion to Adventure World

Student reports sent home

Friday 13th December

Farewell Mass

Year 6 Graduation Ceremony

Last day of school for students

Resources Technology Showcase

Yesterday Year 4 attended the Resources Technology Showcase at PCEC. It was an awesome excursion with a huge amount of interactive and hands on activities to participate in. Here are some students thoughts…

We saw a science show where someone warmed up gas in a bottle, then opened the bottle and put a lighter over it then fire shot out of the bottle. Then she squeezed cornflour over a flame and it made a massive flame on where the cornflour went. She also held fire by holding water and bubble mix then setting her hand on fire. I thought the science show was awesome and I wish I could see it again. Lucas P

We saw a ball throwing machine, it was quite big. It had a square base and rectangular thing that was holding a ball. It went up like an elevator. First it shot the ball up and we all tried to catch it. Once it was caught it moved backwards and went down. I thought the show was great fun and I learnt many things. Sophie G

We saw a Flying Doctor Service plane which is also known as RFDS and we learnt that VH-OWY can fit 2 patients in beds, 1 patient in a chair, a nurse, a doctor and 2 pilots. We were told it took 2 1/2 hours to get from Broome to Perth in the plane and 24 hours from Broome to Perth driving. I thought it was great fun! Siobhan H

We saw a helicopter that can hold up to 19 people. Two pilots control the helicopter in the cockpit while there can be 17 passengers in the cabin. It is used to carry injured people in Western Australia. There is a safety line with a hook that can pick people up with the help of a crew-member. I had a great time there. Lukas M