What the Tech?

Your Monthly Instructional Tech Newsletter - December 2017

Tech Tip of the Month - Student Password Resets


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Christmas and winter break is right around the corner!

I wanted to share a quick and helpful tech tip that you may not be aware of that can make your life in the computer lab (or classroom) easier!

If your students struggle to login and constantly type their passwords wrong, or just always seem to be "locked out" for whatever reason. YOU actually have the power to RESET/UNLOCK their account!

Follow the steps in the image below! It's super quick & easy!

Big image

Tech Highlight of the Month - Plickers

Feel like you don't have a lot of technology available in your classroom?

Start with Plickers and work your way up from there!

Plickers is a fun & easy way to do formative assessments with your class and you only need ONE device! Gather great data to use for conferences, grades, PLCs, etc. in a way that's engaging for your students!

Check out www.plickers.com and if you would like help setting it up or giving it a try, please let me know! I would love to help!