Kindergarten Kibbitz

Mrs. Weiser's Weekly Newsletter

December 7th - December 11th


We loved continuing our study of Hanukkah this week! We began our week with the very silly The Runaway Dreidel. While reading the story we enjoyed making predictions as well as sequencing the dreidel's adventure. Next we read The Runaway Latke. This was the perfect opportunity to compare it to The Runaway Dreidel. Your children did an incredible job of working independently to complete a venn diagram of The Runaway Dreidel and The Runaway Latke. Then we read There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Dreidel. Before reading this story we used our background knowledge of "the old lady" series to predict what she would swallow in this Hanukkah version. We loved sequencing the story on a very big dreidel with markers! Last, we couldn't resist using our knowledge of venn diagrams to compare and contrast a latke and a chocolate chip cookie.

This week we met "Bossy e." We learned that bossy e is a bit rude and when he sits at the end of a word, he makes the vowel say it's name. We also had so much fun working with a friend and searching for "r" blends in Fran Goes to the Prom and we couldn't believe how many sight words we found in this book.


This week in Math we explored graphs. We learned that graphing is a fast and easy way to analyze data. We loved the task of collecting "data" to learn about such important information about our classmates such as what is your favorite food and what is your favorite color. We are working hard to find the answer to such questions as how many more of a particular item on a graph compared to another item on the graph.

Speaking of graphing, we are working our way through all of the Pinkalicious stories so we can graph our favorite. Thus far we have read Pinkalicious, Goldalicious and Aqualicious.

Writing Workshop

Writers Workshop was very exciting this week. We have graduated to a new level of writing--nonfiction writing. We are beginning this unit with "How to" writing. We learned that as "how to" writers we are teachers and we are teaching our readers how to do something that we feel we are experts on. We also learned that there are important key words to utilize such as first, next, then, and last. This unit was kicked off by watching Mrs. Weiser make a sun butter and jelly sandwich. As we watched the steps we wrote the steps together on the Smart Board. Next week we will gain inspiration from making our own dirt cups and blowing bubbles to write our very own "how to" books.

Thank You's!

-Thank you to Vanessa Frank and Julie Moradi for organizing our fabulous and fun Hanukkah party.

Upcoming Dates

-December 17: Winter Concert at Dunwoody Springs

-December 18: Half Day

-December 21-January 1: Winter Break

-January 18: MLK Day No School