Change of Stars with Great Impact!

Erica Lopez

Morals are chosen within each individual in the way in which they changed their stars. Every individual now has a different perspective by the people who witnessed their change. Their change of stars gave them a different worldview, a whole different life style than the one they used to have before their accomplishments. William Thatcher, the main character from the film, "A Knights Tale", competed in a tournament without having the right to do so. Only a noble knight could compete, still he faced the causes. He took risks and throughout the tournaments won many battles. He was not seen as a pleasant man before his attempts. He was given a punishment in front of a lot of people. Later, he was recompensed as a noble knight! That automatically changed his stars and had a worldwide view of a totally different person! Morals are chosen depending on how you make that change, most of the time it’s a positive change that can bring benefit to you as well as people around you!

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