CSHS Weekly Bulletin

For the Week of 3/23 -27

Week In Review

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HOSA will be hosting a blood drive onTuesday from 8:00am to 3:45pm.

A reception table set up in the cafeteria and the donor coach will be parked in the lot by the bus loop.

HOSA members will come to your classes to escort donors to the blood drive. There will be two HOSA members per donor. Please do not allow your students to come to the blood drive without a HOSA member coming to get them. It will take about an hour for their entire donation process. We will escort the student back to class afterwards.

IMPORTANT- Spring Testing Info


It's testing season! As your department chair probably already mentioned, Test Administrator Training for the English I and II EOCs is scheduled for March 25th in the LGI. Please choose to attend either the 7:30am or 4:05pm training session. This training is MANDATORY. Keep in mind that the English I & II EOCs are on 3/30 and 4/1 (just 5 days after the training) so it is very important that you attend training that day.

For those of you who will NOT be here on the 25th (I know several who will be out at various contests, etc.), the "pre"- Make-Up session will be on March 24th at 4:05pm in the LGI. Please let Randi know if you will be coming to train on that day.

EOC Testing is an "all hands on deck" activity. All teachers, counselors, principals, and paraprofessionals are expected to be trained for all roles. We will be doing the General as well as the English EOC-specific Test Admin Training that day. (Randi will contact you personally in the near future if you are not responsible for coming to training.)

Please be reminded of our March/April 2015 Testing Dates:

March 30 - English I EOC (alternate schedule/late arrival)

March 31 - English I EOC make-up (regular schedule)

April 1 - English II EOC (alternate schedule/late arrival)

April 2nd - English II EOC make-up (regular schedule)

Attached is the bell schedule for those days.

If you know that you will not be here on either of those days (due to previously scheduled appointments), please let Randi know ASAP so she can begin to make testing assignments. Please DO NOT schedule to not be here now that you know which days they are.

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Share What's Happening...

Please remember to post instructional activities from your classroom on our CSHS Instagram account or email pictures/info to Mr. Martindale - so we can share out.

Cheer Sponsor Next Year?

If you are interested in being one of three cheer sponsors next year, please see Mr. Martindale.

Shattered Dreams Bell Schedule

Below is the bell schedule for the two-day Shattered Dreams event. Please note that all classes are shorter than usual and 3rd period is after 4th to keep lunches around the same time.

As a reminder, please make plans to have lighter activities in class (ie. no tests) as these days can be quite emotional for our students and staff. More details about the events of this day will be released as we get closer.

Questions? See Mrs. Mishler

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Cougar Cup Update

Our 2014-2015 Cougar Cup Challenge will end on April 15th so make sure you are posting all your team pictures from now until then!
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Upcoming Events

3/30 End of Course - English 1

3/30 Strutter Tryout Meeting

3/31 Pre UIL Choir Concert

4/1 End of Course - English 2

4/6 Strutters Tryout

4/6 Waiver Meetings @ 12 PM and 5:30 PM - LGI

4/7 Fire Drill-6th Period (tentative)

4/7 Strutters Tryout

4/7 Waiver Meetings @ 12 PM and 5:30 PM - LGI

4/9 Shattered Dreams

4/9 Strutters Tryout

4/9 New Cheer Squad Parent Meeting

4/10 Shattered Dreams

4/10 Strutters Tryout

4/10 End of 5th Six Weeks

4/11 Academic UIL @ Huntsville

4/13 Grades Due @ 4PM

4/14 UIL Choir Concert

4/15 CISD Early Release

4/15 Report Cards Distributed @ 4th Period

4/16 UIL Band Concert and Sightreading Contest

4/16 Choir Auditions

4/21 Spring Pictures

4/21 Winter Sports Awards Ceremony

4/22 PTO Spirit Night @ Chipotle

4/23 Hall of Fame Banquet

4/25 Regionals - UIL Academics

5/2 Choir Banquet

5/5 End of Course - Algebra 1 and US History

5/5 PTO Spirit Night @ Blue Baker (Dominic location)

5/6 End of Course - Biology

5/9 Prom @ MSC

5/11 Cougar Academic Awards Night

5/13 Fire Drill-3rd Period (tentative)

5/13 UIL Physicals

5/14 Senior Cap & Gown Delivery @ Lunches

5/14 Orchestra Spring Concert

5/15 Orchestra Banquet

5/19 Band Concert - Wolf Pen Creek

5/21 Senior Awards Night

5/22 Grand Finale Choir Concert

5/28 Graduation Practice @ 12 PM - Reed Arena

5/28 Senior Supper @ 6:30 PM

5/29 Graduation @ 4 PM Reed Arena



4 S. Edwards

4 J. Foster

7 D. Walker

11 S. Baillie

11 D. Galloway

12 V. Reed

13 S. Green

13 B. Oualline

14 B. beaver

17 J. Conlin

19 K. Svien

26 A. Hoffman

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