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Week of November 23, 2020

This Week's Schedule

Please remember, we are still on remote learning Monday, November 23rd. AA day students will return Tuesday, November 24th.

We will be out for the Thanksgiving holiday, November 25-27th.

AA day students will attend on November 30th and December 1st. Then our BB day students will return to us on Thursday, December 3rd and Friday, December 4th.

Interim reports for high school classes were mailed last week. Please contact the office if you did not receive the interim in the mail.

Let's Talk Exams!

Final exams for high school and college are fast approaching.

High School Information:

All classes will have an exam that counts 25% of the overall grade.

Teacher-Made Exams

During the week of December 7th, all non-EOC high school courses will have a teacher-made exam. Teacher-mades will count as 25% of a students' overall grade as well. Teachers have the flexibility to use various formats for their exams (projects, presentations, multiple-choice tests, etc). Students will receive information from teachers concerning their teacher-made exam. Remote students will not need to report to RECHS on a specific day to test for teacher-mades. (Please note, some classes might require students to report to school to submit projects.)

For the week of December 7th-11th (teacher-made exam week), we will follow a normal Monday/Tuesday 'AA Day' schedule, Wednesday remote instruction, and Thursday/Friday 'BB Day' schedule.

End-of-Course Tests

Students in Math I, Biology, English II and Math III will participate in an End-of-Course exam (EOCs). EOCs will be given during the week of December 14th-18th. We will follow an alternate schedule this week, as we will test on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Friday (12/18) will be a make-up exam day. We will test based upon subject. Please see the schedule below.

All remote students in Math I, Biology, English II and Math III must report to RECHS in-person for their End-of-Course exams. Remote students will report to school based upon their class period for a specific subject. Please see below for details. Last week, all remote students received a call/email allowing them to request transportation and/or lunch for the EOC exam week.

Students who DO NOT have EOCs will be on remote learning during the December 14-18th exam week and will not report to RECHS.

College Information:

Students will also have exams in their college classes. The last day of college classes is December 14th. Instructors will communicate with students concerning exam expectations.

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Advising and Registration Feedback Form

Students, we want to hear from you! Please complete the feedback form below regarding Spring 2021 RCC registration. We are always looking for ways to serve you better, so please provide your feedback!

Please complete this form to provide your feedback concerning RCC registration.

Please help us share RECHS with current 8th graders!

Below, we have a newsletter for 8th graders with all the RECHS information they need. Rather than hosting in-person information sessions at middle schools, we will have the sessions via Google Meet. If you know current 8th graders, please have them visit our website for more information. We have information on our main site, Instagram and our RECHS Admissions site.


All students who order through RCSS Child Nutrition will receive free meals for the remainder of the school year. If you are interested in ordering from RCSS Child Nutrition which is based out of Southmont Elementary, please see the order form.


Seniors, please use the link below to register with Southern Recognition. Caps and gowns are $55 (this includes the cap, gown, tassle, and stole).



Some key notes for seniors from Southern Recognition, Inc.

  • Caps & gowns are delivered to RECHS (not shipped home) in the early spring before your cap and gown pictures in April.
  • All other graduation products will be manufactured, packaged, and drop-shipped directly to the student's or parents' home (multiple shipments may occur depending upon the manufacturing timeline for graduation products).
  • All orders and shipping statuses can be reviewed and tracked through MY ACCOUNT on
  • CONTACT US: if any questions or concerns arise in the ordering or delivery processes for the Class of 2021.

RECHS Yearbooks on Sale NOW!

You can order your 2020-2021 yearbook now for $45. Please use this link to order.

Parents and College Grades

Parents, we invite you to reach out to Mr. Ferguson (, our RCC Liaison, at any time with questions or concerns about your child's academic performance in a college class. Please remember, our high school students are treated as college students regarding their RCC courses; therefore, college instructors will only speak directly to the student. Additionally, Mr. Ferguson addresses any alerts/concerns he receives from instructors with our students. We encourage you to have conversations with your student. Please have students show you their Moodle (college courses), Canvas (high school courses) and PowerSchool. You can access Parent Portal for PowerSchool and you can become an observer in Canvas as well. Please be aware when a student is withdrawn from a college class, he/she receives a failure on the high school transcript.

FERPA Release Form

The FERPA Form can be found at the following web address: .

It must be noted that parents will need to fill out the FERPA form by clicking the "Azure AD" button (pictured).

Parents will then log in with their child's RCC username and password.

Once this form has been processed, parents will be able to request any information from their child's records at the registrar's office (full transcript included). Mr. Ferguson will also be able to include the parent's email address when he sends out a student's alert.

This form must be filled out each academic year to retain access. Additionally, once approved, the parent will be able to login and see their child's information without asking their child for it on Self-Service.


Students and parents, please remember we are taking attendance each day. Even all remote students, need to check-in with their teachers and complete their work daily. Students who are only in college courses, still need to complete attendance with Ms. Blackmon each day. It is imperative that every single student communicates with their high school teachers each day.

School Fees

9th Grade-----$17.00 (Instructional and Science Fees)

10th Grade---$17.00 (Instructional and Science Fees)

11th Grade---$17.00 (Instructional and Science Fees)

12th Grade---$42.00 (Instructional and graduation)

Fees go to providing educational opportunities for students both in person and remote, such as subscriptions, lab materials, supplemental books, etc. Remote students can mail these in if they wish. If mailed, please make to the attention of Christy Cross.

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