YMSL Silver Star Eblast

January 19, 2016

RSVP for this Friday's -1/22/2016- Mom's Meeting Coffee NO LATER THAN TODAY!

The meeting is at Parkway Hills at 9:30am!

Logging Wish List Hours

Each month, we will post to our home page our monthly Wish List activity. This usually entails buying Gift Cards or canned food, etc. When logging Philanthropy hours for Wish List activities, please select Wish List as the Philanthropy and in the "Brief Description" box, you can enter the details of what you purchased.

Boys' Meeting in January

RSVP extended. Johnny Quinn will be the speaker for the boys meeting January 31st at St. Andrews United Methodist Church, from 2-4pm. Johnny Quinn is one of three people to have played in the NFL and competed in the Winter Olympics; he is a dynamic speaker and will address leadership, teamwork, motivation, faith and social media. There will be 13 other area chapters at this meeting. Moms are also invited to attend - they will have a separate section for us. Boys will get a meeting credit, moms will not. Mom's have a separate event on the calendar to RSVP. Please RSVP on the website by 1/20/2016.

A few more spots left for incoming Freshman-class of 2020

The Silver Star chapter will be accepting new member applications and handing out letters of intent at our Open House on February 22, 2016. We only have a few slots open so if you know of a mom (with an 8th grade son) who is interested in our chapter, please let Erin Carlson (friscocarlson@att.net) know as soon as possible.

Serving on the board!

If you are interested in being on next year’s Board, or know someone who you would like to suggest, please contact Lisa Schumacher (cmslms1029@aol.com) by Friday, Jan 22nd.

Thank you!


Habitat for Humanity sign-ups will be on the calendar soon! Look for these in the next week.

Feb. 20

Mar. 19 (Saturday of Spring Break)

Apr. 9


Silver Star’s end of year banquet will be held on May 1, 2016 from 12:30 – 2:00pm at Stonebriar Country Club. More information will be provided soon. Hope to see you there!