Welcome to Beautycounter!

We are so excited to have you join us!!

Welcome to the Team!

We are so excited to have you join us on this journey to make the world safer. For some of you, you joined because you love the products and want to make sure that you, your family and friends are using them. For others, you joined because you want a new career.

Goals of all shapes and sizes are welcomed and encouraged!

Our team website is www.counterrevolution.webs.com.

Username: beautycounter1

Password: private2015

I hope you find this to be a helpful resource. Please email Lisa if you have suggestions of things you would like to see added to it.

We also need to name our team!! If you have any suggestions, let Lisa know!

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Congratulations! You are a small business owner! It is important that you treat your Beautycounter business like the business that it is!

First steps:
1. Order your products! See the picture below this text box for the new consultant starter kits.

2. Log into your virtual office at http://behindthecounter.beautycounter.com

3. Read the 30 day guide to starting your business and print out the new consultant checklist. These docs and others can be found on the 'Getting Started' page on the team website here. (Username: beautycounter1, Password: private2015)

4. Order business cards with the never list on the back. This is a great conversation starter! Order through the Print Shop here. You can also order labels through the print shop as well!

5. Customize your personal website: upload a photo and personalize it (log in Behind the Counter, on the upper righthand corner you will see your name, hover your mouse over it and wait for the drop down. Click on Edit My PWS to edit your website).

6. Join our two team Facebook pages by asking your mentor to add you (Business Tips and Kudos & Welcomes). Don't have a Facebook profile? I highly encourage you to create one even if it's just for the sole purpose of being able to join our group. Our Facebook pages are great resources.

7. Set up a phone call with your mentor to go over your goals.

8. Set up your "office hours". As an independent business owner working mainly from home this is very important. Here is one of my favorite articles.

9. Create your WHY? Why did you join Beautycounter?

10. Make a contact list. A great goal is to have 30 conversations in your first 30 days.

11. Book your first social and your first few 1:1 on appointments (ask your mentor for details!)

12. Get your face kit ready to lend out (ask your mentor for details!). Please note there are great resources to include in your face kit on the team website!

13. Listen to a new consultant training call.

Getting Started – Stephanie Eolin

Dial: (641) 715-3413 Access Code: 729873# Reference: 43#

Other helpful recordings can be found here. Take time each day to listen to one. They will really help you get your business going!

Start Month Incentives!

Our fantastic compensation plan is our best reward, however, incentives are fun too. See below for the great incentives you can earn during your first two months as a new consultant.
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We have 2 important calls every week:

1. Weekly team call! Mondays 6:00pm PT, 9:00pm ET. Call in information 530-881-1000 Access Code: 303104# Calls are recorded and the information is posted on our Facebook team page afterwards.

2. Weekly HQ call. Wednesdays 11am PST, 2pm EST. Call in information: to join on your desktop or laptop computer, please register here. Registering with the link will also provide you with a call-in number, access code and pin if you are on the road and want to call in from your phone. You can also join via smartphone or tablet. Download the GoToWebinar app from the Apple App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store.

We HIGHLY recommend that you listen to the team calls and more importantly the call from HQ. They are critical for you to stay up to date with what is going on and also to receive the best training possible.

You will receive weekly emails from Beautycounter HQ. The address is countmein@beautycounter.com. Please mark this as "safe" in your inbox as well.

Click here for the Recorded Training Calls archive on our team website. [reminder: username beautycounter1, password private2015)
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We truly believe that we are first and foremost educators. The sales come so easily once we have educated people about our social mission and our products.

Download the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Database app on your smart phone so that you can scan barcodes of your other products and of the products that your customers are using. Once they see how low our scores are and how high the scores of other products are, I guarantee you that they will want to learn more! Please note: if certain products aren't listed, it means that the company hasn't shared their ingredients with the EWG. Scary!


Follow this video to enter social orders: entering Multiple Social Orders through the website

Follow these videos to create social invitations:

To enter a personal order (and get your discount) you need to place your order Behind The Counter. Click on orders and then on your left click on "Start a Personal Order." You can order business supplies through this link as well.

Join the Beautycounter Corporate Facebook Page for good information and updates.

Subscribe to the Beautycounter youtube page

The Tools tab of Behind the Counter (https://behindthecounter.beautycounter.com) has a searchable database of documents (PDFs and JPEG images)

Our team website is a great resource!
Username: beautycounter1
Password: private2015


As mentioned above, we have two team Facebook pages.

The team Facebook pages are a great resource for you. We encourage you to search the files tab for documents and other helpful information.

In an effort to make our team pages a great resource for all, we've created these guidelines to make it easier for everyone to navigate and keep up with the posts on these pages - we don't want it to be overwhelming for anyone!

Our team pages are a great place to post ideas, share goals, announce events, share promotions, get to know each other and build a fantastic team culture. The Counter Revolution page is for our entire team. We also have a smaller group on Beauty: Count on Her which is Lisa's team only. Please feel free to post on both. It's a great way to share ideas, ask for suggestions, give kudos to teammates, make announcements, and learn so much from others just like you!

Now that our pages are over 2,000 consultants strong, we don't want to clog the news feed with questions about commission, hostess rewards or other items that you can find the answer to elsewhere.

Before posting, seeking information, please be sure it isn't easily searchable elsewhere...below are a list of resources:

- You can search for a topic previously discussed in this group using the magnifying glass icon in upper right corner of the page.

- The Files section of this page contains many useful documents. (You can access Files in the menu at the top of the page.)

- Our team website: www.counterrevolution.webs.com

- The Tools tab of Behind the Counter (www.behindthecounter.beautycounter.com) has a searchable database of documents (PDFs and JPEG images)

- Other resources: the new consultant guide, the weekly consultant newsletter (from countmein@beautycounter.com)

- call or e-mail Beautycounter Headquarters 1 (888) 988-9108 (M - F, 7am – 6pm PST) info@beautycounter.com

If you still cannot find the information you're looking for, please reach out to your Mentor.

Thank you for your cooperation and participation and for making our team pages fantastic resources for everyone!

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We are so thrilled you are on this journey with us! Thank you for believing in our mission, the company, the products and your Mentor. We can't wait to see what you do with this amazing opportunity and where this journey will take you. Buckle up, it's going to be a wild ride! xoxoxo Lisa