The big problem

Cattle ranching and deforestation in the Amazon rain forest

Whats happening and what we need to know

In the Amazon rain forest located at Brazil whats happening is that Brazil is cutting down the rain forest so that they can use the land for cattle ranching and there building new major highways. This is a bad thing I am saying that because the amount of pollution that the cars are going to make is tremendous and that amount can kill the rain forest which covers 60% Brazil. Imagine all of the animals that are going to be affected by this they will loose the habitats baby animals will most likely die if they don't have any were to live and there are some endangered living in the rain forest and if they lose there natural habitat they will become extinct.

What can we do that will make an impact and help

Things that we can do to stop the deforestation in the Amazon rain forest is go to a website that donates money to help stop you have to ask you parents before you do this because you are donating money to help stop but they will probably say yes because its for a very good cause. What you can also do is make a website that will show and tell people what is happening why we should stop this if you do all of this then you do care you will show others that they can help spread the word your help will be greatly appreciated