Amur Leopard

One of the Most Endangered Animals in the World

Basic Information

The Amur Leopard is known as the one of the top ten most endangered animals in the world. It is said to be less than 40 to be left on the Earth. With different groups and preservation companies the remaining leopards are kept in different zoos and ares around the world. The breeding process is very specific as they bring different leopards to zoos in Europe to breed and reproduce.

The number one predator to the Amur Leopard is humans. Throughout their history this breed of cats has been hunted and killed for their fur. This issue became a major issue in the late 90's and early 2000's. In 1999, an undercover experiment discovered that illegal wildlife trade was a major factor in the disappearance of these animals. The fur of these animals was being sold from 500$-1000$.

Rare Amur leopard cubs in eastern France zoo
WHF Amur Leopard Cubs -- Argun & Anuy

How You Can Help

The World Widelife Fund is helping with the conservation of these animals and many others. You are able to adopt of an Amur Leopard and help to make sure they stay in captivity by following up on their website.