Digital Safety Tips for Parents

Discuss the digital world with your child.

Explain how technology is an increasingly important part of our lives. Although it can be used as a great tool for education and entertainment, there are also many dangers.

Have firm expectations for digital use.

Set time limits for your child if digital use gets out of hand. Make sure expectations are clear regarding online privacy. Talk to your child about cyberbullying and the implications involved with posting inappropriate content online. Do not allow children to keep their digital devices with them past bedtime.

Know your child's friends.

Just as you know how your child spends face-to-face time, it is equally as important to know your child's digital friends. Make sure your child's digital content is only available to friends and family. Discuss the dangers of connecting with someone who is a stranger.

Keep tabs on your child's digital activity.

Knowledge is power - make sure you stay on the forefront of technology developments by visiting resources such as and or by discussing technology with Pioneer staff. Insist on having the passwords for all of your child's digital content. Monitor your child's apps/social networking sites frequently. Have discussions if you find content that is inappropriate.