The Lion's Roar

News & Events for Lincoln Families | October 5th, 2019



  • Hispanic Heritage Week starts October 7th (information below)

  • Fieldtrip to Johansen Farm for all Kindergarten - October 10

  • Fieldtrip to Morton Arboretum for Ms. Anderson, Ms. Bartell and Mrs. Meisinger’s class - October 11

  • Coffee & Conversation with Principal Zaniolo (Roundtable discussion format) -- 3 Sessions: October 16 (General program), October 17 (Special Education), & October 23 (Spanish Immersion) from 6:00-8:00pm

  • Fieldtrip to Kline Creek Farm for all 2nd grade/BigMac homerooms - October 17

  • Walking fieldtrip to Oak Park Conservatory for Mrs. Weber’s class October 22

  • Walking fieldtrip to Oak Park Conservatory for Mrs. Barker’s class October 23

  • Walking fieldtrip to Oak Park Conservatory for the BigMac class October 24

  • Walking fieldtrip to Oak Park Conservatory for Mrs. Zarosl’s class October 25

  • *correction* Walking fieldtrip to Oak Park Conservatory for Ms. Rudin’s class October 30

  • *correction* Walking fiieldtrip to Oak Park Conservatory for Mrs. Nagano’s class October 29

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences - Thursday and Friday, October 24th and 25th, beginning at 11:00 am. School will dismiss at 11:00 am on both days.

  • Picture retake Day - October 30

  • Fieldtrip to Alder Planetarium for all 5th grade homerooms - October 30

  • Halloween Parade - October 31st (Information below)


  • Institute Day - No School for Lions - Friday, November 1st

  • PTO Meeting at Lincoln Media Center - Wednesday, November 6th

  • First Trimester ends on November 15

  • No School November 27-29 - Thanksgiving Break

A Message From Principal Zaniolo...

Hello Lincoln Families!

Fall finally feels like it has arrived, and with it some good news! Our playground and outdoor construction should be complete within the next two weeks! I know everyone is ready to enjoy our new outdoor spaces. There have been many exciting things happening at Lincoln and here's a glimpse into these last weeks in this edition of The Lion's Roar. There is also information about our Halloween parade and Hispanic Heritage Week.

I'd like to express my gratitude to every Lincoln community member who shared their thoughts and had conversations about how we can become stronger partners. Discussing norms is an important starting point whenever big changes have been experienced and when new members join a team or community. I have heard from so many members of our community about their commitment and hope for where our school is heading. How we work together as adults contributes significantly to the climate and culture of Lincoln, and there is a clear commitment across our stakeholders to do their part in helping ALL of our Lincoln Lions grow.

There were six strong themes that stood out in the norms suggested from the last edition's survey. Here they are, along with a sampling of responses from voices across our Lincoln community.

Honest and direct communication

  • "Communicate with as direct source as possible. (Go to the person directly that you have a problem/question/issue.)"
  • "Use our social media pages to share relevant and appropriate school information with other parents but not for more personal issues one may be having with a specific teacher or policy."
  • "To communicate problems and concerns openly and kindly."
  • "To be open, honest and direct with others"
  • "Be tactful and fair in confrontation, but don't avoid it"

Always be kind

  • "Be respectful and acknowledge one another's basic humanity"
  • "Kindness towards others"
  • "Kindness first."
  • "In a world where you can be anything, be kind."

Listen first and with positive intent

  • "Listen as passionately as you speak"
  • "Clarify before you react"
  • "Truly listen to one another"
  • "Assume positive intent."

Seek diverse perspectives

  • "Look for ways to make sure the person who has no voice can be heard."
  • "Pay attention to who is in the room but also who is not in the room. How does that shape perspective and what can we learn from that."
  • "Actively solicit diverse opinions/perspectives"

Do your part

  • "Always do what is right. Even if it’s hard."
  • "Support teacher/principal by following through on home/school expectations- reading 20 minutes, completing homework when required, and promoting message of weekly newsletters with my child."
  • "I will work harder to be part of the Lincoln community by volunteering (when time allows) and contributing my own expertise to the community through volunteer opportunities."
  • "To follow through on commitments"
  • "Continuous learning and self-improvement"
  • "Keep a problem solving mentality"

And of course...

Keep our children and their education at the center

  • "To keep our children's growth as the primary focus."
  • "Focus on the positive things that are happening school wide!"
  • "Keep the best interest of the kids at the center of all that we do"

Let us continue to grow as a community and in our work together. Our young Lions will grow to their fullest potential if we, the adults, continue to build stronger partnerships and a school climate that fosters genuine collaboration.

In partnership,

Laura Zaniolo

(she / her / hers)

Lincoln Lion & Principal

Abraham Lincoln Elementary

The next edition of The Lion's Roar, my Principal's newsletter, will come out in 2 weeks. See you then! Time-sensitive news or clarifications will still be sent out as needed.

Two Weeks of Life "Up At Lincoln"

Big picture

Halloween Parade

For those of our families who celebrate Halloween, many of you are starting to discuss costumes choices with your child. Although students are not required to wear costumes, we recognize that they are a fun and creative part of our schools' Halloween activities.

Our goal is to create a positive learning environment where all students, staff and families feel a sense of belonging. In that spirit, we ask that you take care to ensure that your child’s costume choice does not portray a stereotypical image of any group of people or culture, or be offensive to any one racial, ethnic or religious group. We also ask that costumes do not include masks, weapons, or any depiction of violence. We appreciate you being proactive with your child in making thoughtful costume choices.

At Lincoln, we orchestrate a walking costume parade on October 31st. The entire school walks the surrounding blocks in their Halloween costumes. This year the parade will take place near the end of the day at 2:00 pm. We ask that families send children with their costumes in their backpacks on that day. While some families choose to pick up students at lunch time to take them home to get ready for the parade, we recommend sending your child with their costume and letting them get ready at school. If you prefer your child not participate, please let your teacher know. There will be alternative learning activities available.

To support you in your conversation with your child and to build your understanding around this topic, we have compiled links to resources that you may find helpful. Thank you for your continued support of our students and schools.


Walking Safety & Crossing Guards

A message regarding safety when walking to school was sent out on Friday. Please make sure to discuss these important tips with your children.

  • Walk on sidewalks and other open areas rather than alleys that have less visibility.
  • Always try to walk in groups or with at least one other person.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and any strangers who are nearby.
  • If you have a concern about another person near you, go to a neighbor’s house, find an adult to assist you, or go back to school.
  • Never approach a vehicle unknown to you even if the occupant speaks to you.
  • Yell loudly and run if you feel you are in danger.
  • Be sure to tell your parents if something happens. Parents should contact the police and the school.

Crossing Guards -- If you see an intersection that is not staffed when it is supposed to be staffed, please contact the Oak Park Police Department immediately. The non-emergency number is 708.386.3800 or dial 911. They will send out an employee to cover the intersection.

Information From Our PTO

PTO Kickoff Meeting

The PTO’s 1st meeting was well attended and included lots of new faces! The budget and bylaws were unanimously passed by all present with a focus on fiscal responsibility and long-term strategy as well as equity with the added amendment of an equity checklist for all PTO activities.

The next meeting is scheduled for 11/6 at our very own Lincoln Media center. Details to come.

School Directory Update

We know that birthday parties and play dates are being coordinated! The PTO is working closely with the Lincoln school office to make sure student information is correct. Expect to have directories in-hand mid-November! Many thanks to 2nd grade parent, Stephanie Bailey, for volunteering for this community building task!

Previously Communicated Information...

Home Avenue Pedestrian Bridge

The bridge was originally planned to be reopened to pedestrian traffic on October 1st. Today, the Contractor requested from the Village of Oak Park that the bridge closure be extended until Friday, October 11, 2019. The extension is being requested due to the extensive amount of bridge deck patching that needs to be done. After considering the request and an on-site review of the required patching, the Village granted the request. Therefore, the Home Avenue bridge will be closed to pedestrian traffic until Friday, October 11th. The Police have already been notified to extend the duration of the temporary crossing guards stationed on Oak Park Avenue until October 11th. In addition, all detour signs and other protective measures will remain in place until October 11th. You will be notified if the bridge is reopened to pedestrian traffic prior to October 11th.

Kid's Clothing Drive

Bring gently used children’s clothing to one of the donation boxes outside the office by October 25th.

Donations benefit the Kids Kloset of the First United Church of Oak Park

Thank you for your support!

-The Lincoln Girl Scouts

Questions? Contact Rachel Stark @

Lincoln Is Hiring for Lunch & Recess Supervisors

If you are interested in joining the Lincoln Lion team and helping our Lions have a safe and enjoyable lunch/recess, please contact Ms. Zaniolo. You can apply for the position through the District 97 website (link below). Look under "Support Staff" and find the "Playground/Lunch Supervisor" position for Abraham Lincoln Elementary.

Attendance & Absences

Daily attendance is so important to your Lion's education. If your lion must be absent, please contact BOTH the classroom teacher and the attendance line before 8:30. You can email the teachers and attendance line at

If you prefer, you can call the attendance line at 708-665-3067

Celebrating the Lincoln Team

Families, have you noticed a Lincoln teacher or staff member who deserves a compliment or a thank you? Has this person made a difference for your Lion? Please share the reason in a brief message to me using this link, WeAreAllLions!, so that we may recognize and thank them!

Contact Our Lincoln PTO