The Daily Life of a North Korean

An Isolated Nation

A Life Without Freedom?

Many countries around the world, including the U.S, Japan, India, and Great Britain, have been repeatedly turned away by North Korea, and thoroughly ignored at all costs (""). They do not wish for support, or any outside influence in any form (""). They simply remain the isolated nation they've always been. It raises many suspicions, you'd assume, mainly as to why they wish to keep their plans/wishes under wraps. Who are the North Koreans? What are they're leaders hiding? And why doesn't anyone come in or out like any other country? All these questions and more are to be answered shortly.

The Regime

North Korea is solely governed under a corrupt, Communistic regime, which is then dictated by North Korea's 3rd Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un. In 1945, soon after the war, Korea split in two, North Korea began to to fend for itself, and did quite well (""). But then, when the Korean War began, Korea suffered many losses. This was the primary turning point leading to their current economic depression stage ("").

When news of the nations presently declining income was heard of in North Korea in the early 1970's, Kim Jong-il, their current leader, was afraid of North Koreans revolting or deserting the nation to live in South Korea (""). So, he established a number of laws and rules that forced all citizens under supreme obedience to him (""). He erected statues of himself to ensure his place as the ultimate ruler of the people ("") He also took control of all possible forms of media, and restricted international travel to near-isolation (""). This "revolution" was the beginning stages of what is now the modern North Korean government ("").

Since then, the North Korean regime has further expanded the ideas of Kim Jong-il, and still hold him in the highest honor to this day (""). From his "revolutionary" ideas, the most despicable of practices have arisen (""). Public executions for the most small of offenses, many carried out for the main purpose of survival (""). Hundreds and hundreds imprisoned every year in political death camps for things such as expressing their own personal beliefs and practices (""). These and many more atrocities are the doings of the present regime of North Korea.

The People's Struggle

The people of North Korea struggle every day to make their way in life on a inconsistent flow of money (""). They live in a world where hunger, extreme poverty, and famine are all commonplace ("). In most cases, their lives surround the Regime, and no one gives it another thought to the fact that hundreds of thousands die from causes such as poor health provisions, food shortages, mass executions, and more ("). In media around the globe, only the government is given any attention. It's always about their rich and powerful leaders, but not its poor, starving citizens ("). To go with this, the people have no freedom of movement, speech, religion, political choice, or expression ("). However, organizations such as Liberty In North Korea (") and Human Rights Watch ("") have been working to find ways to help those in need in the desperate country. Such generous people are to be appreciated for what they're doing. They're hope, as well as mine, is that they find freedom in time soon to come.
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My Big Question: Why Is North Korea Such A Threat To Itself?

Through my evidence given previously in this article, I have shown the self-destruction of a nation that had great potential. It destroys perhaps it's best ally, it's own people, and focuses on the celebration of their leaders and not even its own economy ("). It wastes it's time on frivilous things, and controls people in the most inhumane ways possible ("). Until this nation corrects it's faults, I believe it will never be a true national power.