Team Awesome

October 7-11

Fall Break

We will be out of school on Friday, October 11 and Monday, October 14. Hope all of you enjoy this break.

WJMS Forensics Team - Cantrell and Cosey

West Jackson Middle School Forensics Team is a chance for your child to develop skills in debate, public speaking, and literary interpretation. Mr. Cantrell and Miss Cosey are sponsoring this club and will be coaching interested students. Our first meeting will be, Thursday, October 17 afterschool and will last til 5:00 pm. Students must have a note from thier parents to stay and must be picked up at 5. Dues for membership will be $10.

Team Awesome

West Jackson Middle School

6th Grade

Mr. Cantrell, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Selzer, and Mrs. Wallace

Gunter's Math Class

We have been studying decimals this week. The students have been doing great with this concept! We will be getting ready for our Unit 1 test next week. The test will be on Thursday. We will be completing the study guide in class on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Social Studies - Cantrell

Latin America History Test will be given on Wednesday. Encourage your child to study. Everyone should have a study guide. We will check to make sure everyone has it completed on Monday. Students need to be finished with step 3 of the Create a Country by the end of this week.

Team Building Day - Thursday - October 10

On Thursday afternoon we will be having a Team Building Event. Students will participate in several different activities. We need your help gathering items for one of these activities. Items Needed: large button down shirt, large pair of jeans, large pair of socks, boots, gloves, hat, and scarf for each homeroom. If you could help please send items in with your child. Thanks!!

Mrs. Bowdoin & Mrs. Jarrard's ELA

Students will continue analyzing informational texts for main idea and details that support it. Students will also continue to increase their vocabulary learning new words in our unit "The New Americans". Students will start working on an expository essay using the facts learned in this unit. Our grammar focus will be identifying sentences, fragments, run on sentences, and using correct end punctuation. Ask your child about his/her power writing progress. All students should be reading a little each night. Mrs. Jarrard's class will have additional homework that will be due on Thursday. All of our students are awesome and do a great job in class. We are blessed.

Math - Davis

Regular Math: We will continue working on our Rational Number Unit. This includes negative numbers and ordering rational numbers on the number line. We will prepare to test over this unit after fall break.



A.C. Math - We will complete our Rational Numbers Unit this week. Students will take the test and performance task on Weds. and Thurs. Review Practice will be given on Monday. Student should complete this for homework Monday night.


NO POW THIS WEEK. We will resume POWs after fall break.

Science - Selzer

We will have our performance task for rocks and minerals on Monday October 7th and the unit test for rocks and minerals on Tuesday October 8th. Students need to study their rocks/minerals study guide to prepare for these summative assessments.

Our next unit is "Weathering and Erosion" and we will start that unit this week by learning what mechanical and chemical weathering is. If weather permits, we will take a "weathering walk" outside to see examples of mechanical and chemical weathering around our school.

Language Arts - Wallace

This week in ELA, we'll be completing an in-class independent reading assessment, a poetry analysis assessment, and practicing our independent reading.