Time for change with ATHID-PO!

Association To Help Increased Domestic Production of Oil

We Can Do this, because We Are The Future!


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Action Time!

1. Advertise how to save oil and why we should save it.

2. As people accept our plan we will sponsor them and give them technology that is oil efficient (cars, house ac, house heaters), so they can advertise to their neighbors and friends about the benefits

3. Create organizations to let people know our plan and goal.

4. As more people become advocates of us and start supporting our cause, we will take our goal and plans to the governments of the nations around the world.

5. Targeting the children with propaganda necessary to keep generation after generation fueled to our cause, Amen.

Some of Our Top Contributors and Workers

Our Plan

Our organization is like a Red Cross organization and it helps people understand the question, “Why do we need to save oil?” It tells them if we waste it, we will not have any resources on earth for our future generation. Our organization helps create a plan to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil and other expensive resources which will a cause dept to our country. The main oil consumption these days are in automobiles. Technologies are already available for going green in this regard. We will ask the government should take a step to promote electric cars and scooters and hybrid bus and trucks. Electricity should be available properly and that also needs investments worldwide. But with immediate effect, stricter norms, and proper awareness on roads our organization would help the US save a lot of fuel.

Its really time for a change in the oil and natural gas industry. We can become the leading exporters in natural gas and oil, but only if we learn to conserve our thirst for gas and coal imports. We need to control the way we waste oil and create a less healthy environment in the process. We can do this, because we are the future!

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