The Life of a Musician

By Clay

Words of Wisdom

"If I was just a fan of music, I would think that I was the number one artist in the world."-Kanye West

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Daily Tasks

There are many tasks that musicians have to complete and these tasks vary from musician to musician. Some musicians get to conduct music groups for performances. Many musicians get to sing on a daily basis. Almost all musicians have to play instruments on a daily basis as well. Aside from that, they also have to compose music. Going along with that, they usually have to perform this music on stage

Working Conditions

Musicians have to work in all kinds of conditions so they need to be very versatile. Musicians need to be able to perform on nights and weekends. They usually perform inside but they need to be able to perform outside as well. They also have to spend lots of hours on rehearsing their music. They constantly have to search for gigs and usually, if they are not extremely popular, they will have to supliment their encome with other smaller jobs.

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Experience and Training

Musicians are pretty iffy as far as education. People have become musicians with no more than a high school degree before but if you are coming out of high school and dont have your name out there you're probably going to want to get an associates degree at the least before you look for work with studios. You should definitely take music classes like music appreciation in high school if you can. While not necessary, record labels will also be more likely to sign you if you have previous experience in a studio.

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Salary and Wages

Living in California and being a musician can be very beneficial to you. Musicians in California make significantly more than the average musician. Hourly, you can make anywhere from $31.94 to $44.31. Yearly, you are predicted to make $23,660 to $60,350.