Colton Barton

Leadership Presentation

My Leadership Project

* My leadership project was to go into Coach Wand's classroom every Thursday that there was not bench mark testing.

* I go in Coach Wand's classroom and help him with whatever he needs.

* I help his students with their work, projects, and presentations.

Why I think my leadership project was effective...

* I reached my goal.

* My goal= Help Coach Wand get things accomplished and help Coach Wand's students get better at their presentations, projects, and their work.

* The students did get better at their work, projects, and presentations

* At first the students had poor presentation skills but over time their presentation skills improved.

Why my project went a little off plan...

* My project went exactly how I planned it to go except for missing the four Thursdays due to benchmark testing.

* I adjusted to that change by helping Coach Wand and his students even more than I normally would.

The benefits I observed for the JMS community...

* More students were able to be helped at once since two people were there to help them.

* Projects and classwork were done right since the students had more help.

* Coach Wand had more time to do his work for his job since I was helping his students also.

Why the results of my project met and exceeded my goal...

* My goal was met because Coach Wand had more time to do his job

* My goal was also met because Coach Wand's students had more help on their work.

* my goal was exceeded because the students improved on their presentation skills and they got better at their work.

What marketable skills I developed while doing my project..

* While doing my project I developed communication skills which will help me in any job that I might get in my life to come because I will have to be able to talk to my colleagues, teammates, or customers.

* I also gained teamwork skills which will be helpful in my future life in any job that I may get because I will have to be able to work with my colleagues, teammates, or customers.

How my project made me a better leader...

* I built on my communication and teamwork skills which a leader has to have.

* I also learned how to teach someone on my own and teaching someone takes leadership.