Invasion of Normandy

Haylee Burel

What was it ?

  • Western allies of World War II
  • largest amphibious invasion in history , which occured (of course) in Normandy, France
  • Began w/ parachute landings, air attacks, and naval bombardments
  • In the days/months leading up to it, the British and American air forces had sent out 11,000 aircraft and had dropped 195,000 tons of bombs
  • AKA D-Day or Operation Overlord

When did it happen?

  • World War II
  • Started June 6, 1944
  • After each week the allies had fought and made it through Normandy piece by piece
  • Northern France was liberated in end of August 1944

“They fight not for the lust of conquest. They fight to end conquest. They fight to liberate.”

Importance in World History

  • The result helped in an allied victory in the war
  • Believed to have been "the beginning of the end of WWII"
  • Turning point of WWII
  • Contributed to the liberation of cities throughout Europe
D-Day 6/6/44