Adrienne Szilvasy

All About Me

Who Is Adrienne Szilvasy?

The world was new as two were born. The day was February 3, 2003. We sat in the arms of our loving and the most caring person alive, my mother, Grace Szilvasy. My mother said we were an overwhelming bunch. I have four sisters,Autumn,Ava,me of course,Aidan(my twin),and last but not least,Aspen. My mom said Ava,(my second oldest sister) was wild and never and I mean NEVER, EVER,EVER wanted to sleep. Autumn,my mom said never wanted to wear clothes. We could exactly figure out why. My mom also said that one time she left to go the bathroom once and when she came back she found me standing on Aidan’s back trying to escape the crib. Hahaha.

My Favorite Things!!!

I've always wanted a mustache!!!