TJH Update #17

November 13, 2019

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A Message from Dr. Mitzner

Gratitude to all who helped plan and served in our first community service night! We were honored to partner with the Texans for #TexansHuddlefor100!

Our PTSA worked to coordinate this amazing event led by Lynell Duncan and Wintress Odom. From arranging Regina Alexander to open our event with an inspiring talk about ways to connect with community service to formulating stations for our families to serve others. It took the whole school community to make the event work from NJHS, Titans United, staff and volunteers. We are grateful for your role in this service event. It is my hope that you also had a little fun giving to others!

Thanks for stepping up for our community!


Dr. Kris Mitzner


Tays Junior High

Tays and Titans Care - #TexansHuddlefor100 Event Recap

Tays Junior High (TJH) partnered with the Houston Texans and NFL to help young people perform acts of service in their community with a few special guests in attendance. TJH united with Texans Care and became an official "Texans Huddle for 100" participant, where students, families, staff and community members came together to commit over 100 minutes of volunteer time and complete service tasks.

Texans players, Starting Safety #20, Justin Reid, and Center #65, Greg Mancz, along with a few of the Texans cheerleaders, kicked off the hour of community service and presented TJH Principal Dr. Kris Mitzner with tickets to Super Bowl LIV in Miami, Florida for her dedication and enthusiasm in the community,

Dr. Mitzner's goal in partnering with the Texans organization was to promote community service as a part of character education that goes beyond academics.

"The mission of the event is to bring awareness to our community on why service is important," Mitzner said. "For over one hour, we had over 500 people performing hands-on activities at five working stations. It was an amazing event, and I am so proud of the students, staff, and community for stepping up."

The stations were: creating dog toys for local animal shelter, CAP (Citizens for Animal Protection); lunch bags for Lunches of Love; toiletry bags and letters of gratitude for service men and women with Operation Gratitude; compost mulch for the Katy Prairie Conservancy; and Activity Books for children with

In celebration of the NFL's 100th season, the NFL and the Texans are inviting fans to join Huddle for 100, an effort to inspire 1 million people to volunteer 100 minutes of their time to make meaningful contributions to their communities.

Click here to see the photos on the Texans website!

Fall Semester Exam Schedule

Click here for the link to the Fall Semester Exam Schedule!

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If you order pictures or holiday cards using our storefront, you will get discounts and free shipping and our school will earn money to use to support our programs. Please use this link to get to our page.

Spanish for Spanish Speakers

Do you speak Spanish? Did you know you can take a class called Spanish for Spanish speakers as your world language course? In order to sign up, you must first take a placement test first so that we know you can understand and be understood in Spanish. If you have not been notified by letter, and speak Spanish at home, please scan the QR code below (or in the counseling office) to sign up. Deadline for signing up is Friday, November 22nd. Test day is Tuesday, December 3rd. There are no makeups for this test.

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Special Education Training Session for Parents

The Department of Special Education will offer an interactive training session for parents regarding the Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) Process on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 at the Jeanne Coleman Training Center. Parents may attend one of the three sessions.




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Parents if your child is interested in participating in the annual Tays Junior High Spelling Bee they will need to sign up to take the spelling Bee qualifying test using a QR code in their English Class. The qualifying test will be before and after school on Mon. Nov. 11th in the LGI. The last day a student can sign up is Tue. Nov. 5th. After students sign up, they will be added to the canvas spelling bee class. All future communication will go through the canvas page.

Spelling Bee Dates:

School Prelims- Monday, November 11, 2019

School Finals- Wednesday, December 11, 2019 @4:15pm

District Spelling Bee- Friday, February 14, 2019


Please see the Student Success Initiative (SSI) brochure for your information. This outlines the State promotion requirements for 8th grade students. Thank you.

Click here for English.
Click here for Spanish.


Sixth Grade Home Base

Grade 6, Lesson 11

Family Lesson Summary

This week, your child will learn ways to make new friends. This can help your child build positive relationships with his or her peers.

Family Lesson Question

Tell your child about a friend you made when you were younger, and explain how you became friends with this person. Ask your child how he or she makes friends at school, and what can sometimes make it difficult.

Seventh Grade Home Base

Grade 7, Lesson 11

Family Lesson Summary

This week, your child will learn about what makes a friendship strong and think of good ways to develop friendships. This will help your child deepen and strengthen positive relationships with his or her peers.

Family Lesson Question

Talk to your child about friendships. Discuss the fact that friendships sometimes grow stronger and sometimes grow weaker. Ask your child what he or she can do to make a friendship stronger.

Eighth Grade Home Base

Grade 8, Lesson 11

Family Lesson Summary

As children grow up, they form close relationships with their peers. Sometimes friendships can become negative and hurtful. This week, your child will learn how to identify negative relationships and think about what to do when a relationship turns negative.

Family Lesson Question

Talk to your child about the different kinds of relationships kids have at school. Ask if any seem negative or unhealthy. Discuss what to do when a relationship turns negative.


Athletic passes are available for purchase in our front office. One pass is $75.00, but is good for you and one guest to all Junior High School athletic events. Please ask for Cindy Rudder, Finance for more information or details.


As part of the library’s Titans Read Program, Tays students and staff are participating in the fall reading challenge that began on October 7th. Mr. Grelle, our 6th grade AP, has agreed to allow us to use his height to motivate all Titans to read more this year!

A life size poster of Mr. Grelle is posted outside the library with a “height chart.” Color coded (by grade level) labels will be placed on the height chart to represent the books we have read.

Through December 6th, students will scan the appropriate QR in the library or in English teachers’ classrooms each time they finish a book. The English class that reads and submits the most books per grade level will enjoy a treat at lunch. Let’s see how many times we can read Mr. Grelle’s height!

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YEARBOOK 2019-20

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Counselor's Corner

November Core Essential ~ HONOR
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Legacy Parent Academy

Do you have a student that is transitioning from elementary to junior high? Or junior high to high school? Maybe they are already in junior high or high school, and you are interested in learning more? Come join Katy ISD for the next Legacy Parent Academy!

On Wednesday, November 13, 2019, parents and students are invited to attend the following sessions:

  • Transitioning from Elementary to Junior High School 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.
    • To ease the transition from elementary to junior high, attendees will learn about the differences in structure between elementary and junior high schedules as well as tips to help students with organizational skills.

  • Understanding High School Credits, GPA and Class Rank 7:15 – 8:15 p.m.
    • Attendees will learn about graduation requirements, endorsements, GPA and class rank, Pre-AP/AP courses, dual credit courses, high school credits, including high school credit courses that can be taken in junior high. Planning ahead and taking the right courses can help ensure students are well prepared for life beyond high school.

Both sessions are held at Legacy Stadium in Rooms ABC. The sessions will be presented in collaboration with a panel of experts from the Katy ISD junior high and high school Counseling Services Department.

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Purpose: To support teachers and students having more time for tutorials by providing a one stop shop for retests and make-up tests. This will also alleviate students having to miss more instruction time to make up a test they missed.

Location: Room 1155

Hours: Monday - Friday 7:45 - 8:40. Students will enter through the doors closest to the flag pole in the front.


Tutori​als will be offered Monday through Friday. Students may attend tutorials with any grade level teacher - it does not have to be their classroom teacher.

Students are expected to enter through the front doors a 8:10am. Students are welcome to attend any teacher's tutorial within their grade level. Students are responsible for their own transportation to tutorials.

Afternoon Tutorials:

There is not a sign-up for afternoon tutorials, but if students wish to attend, they must be in the teacher's classroom by 4:00. These sessions will end at 4:25 and students will need to be picked up in front of the school in the circle drive. ​

Please click here for our schedule.


Click here to see the list of school sponsored organizations and clubs. There are also student led clubs such as chess club, trombone club, etc.. that are approved by Mr. Grelle and signs are posted in the building.

Upcoming Events

November 13, 2019

BB Practice Girls 7th & 8th grade 6:30-8:15am

BB Practice Boys 4:00-5:30pm

KIC Board Meeting at ESC 4:15-5:30pm

Theatre Rehearsal in Cafeteria 4:00-6:00pm

Legacy Parent Academy at Legacy Stadium 6:00pm

JH All Regional Band Celebration 5:00pm

November 14, 2019

BB Practice Boys 4:00-5:30pm

Theatre Rehearsal in Cafeteria 4:00-6:00pm

BB Girls Game Day TJH vs. CJH

7th at CJH and 8th at TJH (C Team at 5:00, B Team at 6:00, C Team at 7:00pm)

November 15, 2019

BB Practice Girls 7th & 8th Grade

Choir Picture Day in Choir Hall

Orchestra Clinic and Concert at CRHS

BB Practice Boys 7th & 8th Grade

November 16, 2019

Orchestra Clinic and Concert at CRHS

November 18, 2019

BB Practice girls 6:30-8:10am

Theatre Rehearsal in Cafeteria 4:00-6:00pm

BB Boys Game Day TJH vs. BDJH (7th at BDJH C 5:15, B 6:15, A 5:15 8th at TJH C 5:15, B 6:15, A 7:15)

Regular Board Meeting ESC Board Room 6:30pm

BB Practice girls 6:30-8:10am

Grade Level Meeting 8th Grade

Theatre Rehearsal in Cafeteria 4:00-6:00pm

BB Practice Boys 3:55-5:30pm

November 20, 2019

BB Practice girls 6:30-8:10am

Grade Level Meeting 7th Grade

VIPS General Board Meeting - Legacy Stadium 9:00-10:30am

BB Practice Boys 3:55-5:30pm

Theatre Rehearsal in Cafeteria 4:00-6:00pm

November 21, 2019

BB Practice Boys 3:55-5:30pm

Theatre Rehearsal in Cafeteria 4:00-6:00pm

BB Girls Game Day TJH vs. BDJH (7th Grade at TJH, 8th Grade at BDJH

C 5:00, B: 6:00, A 7:00pm)

November 22, 2019

BB Practice girls 7:15-8:10am

BB Practice boys 3:55-5:30pm