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Week of October 5, 2015

Dear Parents,

I hope you had a great week! 2MU certainly did!! Our week was action packed and fun-filled with Week of Respect activities as well as lots of academic learning. Read on to learn more about our week...


  • We read Diary of a Spider and learned about Cause and Effect. Because one action occurred, an effect (event) happens. To help us remember "Cause and Effect" we discussed the word "because" contains the word 'cause' and the word "event" begins with the letter 'e' like the word "effect"...thus because (cause) this happened, this event (effect) occurred and vice versa, this event (effect) occurred because (cause) this happened.
  • We made spiders out of yarn to go along with our story...be sure to look for our creepy spiders looming in our classroom!
  • We read and discussed Crow Boy. In this story, the children in Chibi's school treated him unfairly because he was different. In the end, they discovered he had a very unique talent, he could sing like many different crows. They also realized he was very lonely. The children realized they were wrong and became Chibi's friend. The now called him "Crow Boy," a name Chibi was proud to be called.
  • We created our own crows and wrote inside what makes each of us unique. Be sure to check out our Crow Boy bulletin board and discover what makes each of us unique!
  • We read Too Purpley and we learned why it is important to respect ourselves and to make choices that we help us feel good about ourselves.


  • We read the book Autumn. Then, inspired by the author's words, we wrote shape poems. We used some construction paper and made the shape of our poem, wrote the poem on the bordering edges, and created a beautiful piece of art work! The shape poems are displayed along our white boards.


  • We completed Unit 1 Establishing Routines ~ building our number sense and practicing daily math routines.
  • We created a "Magic" Rainbow to help us remember math facts that make the number 10. By building our sense of 10's facts, adding other numbers will become much easier.
  • We learned "Fishing for 10" and "Number Top-It." We played these games during Math Centers.

Other Activities

  • We attended the National Circus Project Assembly. The children had a wonderful time watching all the tricks and talents of the circus performers. Some of the students were called upon to participate in the activities. See some amazing photos below!
  • The children had the opportunity to learn some of the circus tricks/stunts from the National Circus Project circus performers during PE this week. Be sure to ask them about their circus learning experience.
  • Mrs. Rosner and Mrs. Turro visited our class to discuss further the ways we can show respect to ourselves, others, and our community. The children played Respect Bingo. The photos below captured some of the fun!
  • We met with our 4L Buddies to discuss and create a "Respect" Cube. The children discussed with their buddies ways they can be respectful to themselves, others, and their communities. They completed the sentence prompts for each category, colored the cube together, then folded and made their "respect cube." The children enjoyed spending time with their buddies. The completed "respect cubes" and the photos of the children working with their buddies are below...be sure to view them!

National Circus Project

Math Centers

FUNdations ~ Air Writing Our "Trick" Words

Mrs. Rosner and Mrs. Torro Visit Our Class

Reading~ Making Spiders

Inspired by our Reading selection this week, Diary of a Spider.

Meeting with Our 4L Buddies~ Week of Respect Project

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Star Student of the Week~ Mia Carr

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