Raureka School Term 3 Week 8

Newsletter 15 September 2021


Kia ora koutou katoa, Talofa lava, Kia orana,

Thank you for working with us while we have had the 2:30 finish to the day. Tomorrow we will go back to school finishing at 2:55. Hopefully we will be able to drop Alert levels and get to Alert level 1.

I have noticed that the children are very happy to be back at school and they are pleased to catch up with friends. We are still encouraging children to not make physical contact with one another, but we can't guarantee that it doesn't happen.

We have been trying to have a normal routine for the children and this week we will have an assembly on Friday, but unfortunately, due to Covid L 2 Protocols, it will only be for children- no parents allowed. If it is fine we will meet on the quad and space ourselves out. If it is wet we will have an online assembly like last year. We will hand out certificates as well.

One of the events we had to postpone in Lockdown was the Senior Cross Country so we decided that we will run this on the 28th September at school. If we are still in Alert Level 2 we won't be able to have parents on site although parents could watch some of it from outside the gates. The cross country will be run around our school. This will be a house competition event, so keep training.

On Monday we started our Room 12/13 upgrade and we are looking forward to having this complete for our children to move into. It will take around 14 weeks to complete. They will also develop the back of the hall area by taking out the old seats, replacing them with picnic tables, removing the tree stumps and erecting shade sails. I wish the contractors all the best with this.

In the meantime Room 12 have moved into the library and are doing extremely well in this space.

We have now finished Hockey and I need to have all of the uniforms returned, thanks to these children who have already brought them to me. Could I have them all by Friday. All netball uniforms should also be returned to school.

Have a great rest of the week.


  • Please remember that classes start at 8:55 a.m. each day and all children should be at school, unless they are sick, ready to start then.
  • Children are required to wear our correct Raureka School uniform - no exceptions. Royal blue polo-shirt $30, royal blue polar-fleece $40 are both available from the office. Shorts, skorts, skirts, longs must be plain black and can be purchased in town.
  • Please remember that in case of an emergency we need to have an up to date contact number for you and for your emergency contact person, also a current address - Please let the office know of any changes.


Our Values

Our four values are :

Respect/Whakaute, Responsibility/Haepapa, Resilience/Pakari, Relationships/Whanaungatanga.

This week we are focusing on - Haepapa/Responsibility - which means, look after yourself and those around you by being a committed, contributing member of society.

Expected behaviour for this week: stay within set boundaries.

Room 12/13 Upgrade has started

Children in action

Upcoming Events

  • Senior School (Rms 1,2,4,5, 11&19) Cross Country Tues 28 Sep
  • Last Day Term 3 - Fri. - October 1 Mufti Day (School Closes at 2.55)
  • First Day Term 4 - Mon. - October 18 (School Opens at 8.55)
  • Mon 22 Nov Teacher Only Day- No School
  • Last Day of 2021 - Wed. Dec. 15 (School closes at 12.30)

Other Notices

School Uniform – this is compulsory. No exceptions.

All children are required to have the school royal blue polo-shirt, royal blue hat, and on colder days the royal blue polar fleece jersey. All of these are available at the school office.

The lower half of the uniform (short, longs, skorts, skirts) must be plain black and can be purchased in town No stripes, no flowers etc, can

be purchased in town.

· Do your child’s records need updating?

  • moved house?
  • phone/cellphone numbers changed?
  • living arrangements changed?
  • emergency contacts changed?
  • medical details?

Medical Reminders

We often have a few ‘bugs’ around the school.

· A common one is a nasty cough/flu type illness. Keep your children home if they have symptoms of this as it spreads easily.

· If your child has had vomiting or diarrhoea, they MUST stay home for 2 days after the last event. This illness definitely spreads quickly around the school.

· Headlice are always around so make sure that you check your child’s hair regularly (we suggest weekly) and treat the hair if necessary. We have treatments available from school for free. Just pop in and we can give you some.

· If your child is at all unwell, please keep them home so that they don’t pass bugs on to other children. Also if a child is feeling unwell they are not able to learn easily and are much better off at home snuggled up in bed.

Don’t forget to contact the school office to let us know when your child is unwell please.

Volunteers needed for supervision of our school patrollers. The children are well trained, it is just a matter of having an adult supervise from 8.30-9.00. We need help on the following days - Front Gate: Wednesday, Friday, Back Gate: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday.

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