Lobo Organism

By: Ashley Franz, Mia Chavez, Ashley Cuevas Rosa


Age-Related Cognitive Decline - It involves dysfunction in memory, language, thinking judgment that are greater than normal age-related changes.

Pitsky Description

Description - Our organism is an adorable dog. The breed is a mix of a husky and a pitbull. We mixed the best qualities from each dog and put it into a mixed dog that has all the great qualities. This breed is called the “Pitsky” breed.

Physical Traits

Out Pitsky has grey short fur color, with blue eyes with a possibility of being straight eyes or down ears, meaning the snout would be Median.

How our dog is going to look like ---->

Pitsky Ability

A Pitbull's special ability is that when you are having a bad day or you have mental issue/mood swings, and pitbulls smile can calm you down, and help your mental health.

A husky's special ability is that it has a good hearing range, you can t get it off guard even if there sleeping, the can wake up if a pin dropped, or hears foot steps.

Special ability - A Pitbulls smile, (Huskey)Fast/strong, A Husky sense of smell(Can find out what type of animal it is by just smell), have a Pitbulls whiskers(Can detected motion in the air), Have a Husky great sense of hearing (Wake up to a sound of a pin drop),

Explaining its ability in more detail

- Since our disorder can have mood swings, its been proven that if you look at a pitbulls smile it will help your mental health including mood swings or just having a bad day.

- Since our disorder doesn't remember things well, a pitbulls whiskers can detect motion in the air, so when our person is getting up or is walking somewhere it can help.

- A husky have really good sense of smell meaning that it can find out the age,weight and how it looks like by just the smell. It can help by if our person losses something a husky hearing can help out.

- It will also have a husky hearing, when our person wakes up or is getting something, the will go to them, even if the dog is sleeping it can wake up to a sound of a pin drop.


The training needed for the service dog is that if you want to make sure that it does not run away and is potty train, and the time it takes to make sure the dog understands you and understand that you have a disorder, so the time it takes to train and fit your needs is about 2-4 years, but your service dog will be already trained for all the necessary things it is for.

How the ability came about

How our service dog ability came about, if you think of a punnett square in your mind we wanted a certain ability to be, We wanted a Homozygous​ dominant. In some cases it didn't matter so it would be a 50% on both side, and it wouldn't matter if it was Homozygous dominant or Heterozygous​ recessive.

Adaptation of the organism

The traits we put in our service dog has a meaning, could be because its the best fit or looks good on the color of the fur, or too make sure everything goes with it. Adapting it would not be a hard thing because over time it would be much important.

Service Setting

A Pitsky would be used for finding lost things since our disorder has a hard time remembering things and have memory damage, and could also make sure that they don't get lost in a store will trying to find the exit, or in case the forget where there home is our pitsky can find there house with there special ability. The place and time doesn't matter because the dog can hear and will wake up to a sound of a pin drop or foot steps, and can feel motion in the air through its whiskers. Pitsky can be anywhere at any time, its there to make sure your healthy and will help you when needed.


If there was a drastic change in, migration, hibernation, and food storage would it affect our service animal. Since our service animal does not hibernate in the winter that would make a being change in how it would affect it, also including migration because our animal is staying with our disorder person so theirs no need of migration because its going to be helping out,, which means staying with its owner. Food storage is different, since its a dog it needs nutrition and protein to keep its strength while helping, but if there was a change to it, it might make a huge role and affect causing it to go to starvation mood, and could die because of it.