Importance to American History


*Pocahontas is the favorite daughter of Wahunsenaca. Her mother is unknown.

*She also had 26 brothers and sisters but, they are all from her dads side.

*Her first husband was Kocoum a warrior in her tribe.

*Her second husband was an Englishman named John Rolfe.

*Her only child was Thomas Rolfe.

Interesting Facts

*Pocahontas' real name was Motoaka but goes by Pocahontas.

*Pocahontas means "playful one."

*Pocahontas changed her name to Rebecca when she became Christian.

*Captain John Smith and Pocahontas were only friends.

*Pocahontas would bring food to Jamestown when they needed it.

Important Life Events

*Pocahontas was captured by Englishmen For ransom.

*Pocahontas' father was going to kill John Smith 2 times but on both occasions Pocahontas interfered.

*Pocahontas became a celebrity.


*Pocahontas saved John Smith from execution.

*She also brought peace between Jamestown and the Indians for 8 years.

*She helped Spelman get to safety from her tribe.

*She prevented war by telling Smith there was a planned attack.

*Pocahontas help Jamestown from starvation.

Date of Birth/Death

*Pocahontas was born in about 1596.

*She died in 1617.

*Pocahontas died at the age of 22.

*She possibly died from Pneumonia or Tuberculosis.


*Pocahontas learned how to make clay pots, weave baskets and work in gardens.

*She also learned how to make clothing items from animal skin.

*The Englishmen taught her how to speak English.

*She also learned all the different types of edible berries.

*But in former school education she didn't have any.